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whosies--written whatnots: November 2009


Pillowcase Factory

This week i made sewed up some pillowcases!! Lots of them!
This is the perfect present for friends, and those names you draw in your family...and even your own kids and honeys.....stick them in their stocking all rolled up cute like. CUTE!

Look at that cute fabric!

This one is for someone extra 'special'!!! hee hee isn't that so funny?! I just couldn't resist- in fact they have a Halloween one on sale..i just might have to make a second trip. shhhhh.

ok. i know, you wish it was for you ;)
{found it at Joanne store}

I did really a lot last week----me, me, and me --sewing, sewing, and sewing!!! So stick around this week for some shots of what i got done + there will be a giveaway later on + the big reveal!!! Lot's of stuff girls!!

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THX 2009

Today we will be celebrating by eating that crazy 35 pound turkey who used to chase the kids on their bikes!


oh, a few of the Thankful items for me:
* wool sweaters---mmmmm. oh, both to wear in the chilly weather and to shrink and cut up!
* cute kids who are best friends to each other.
* honey who lets me really do whatever i want. sort of spoiled that way. {don't tell}
* confidence, couragiousness, and persistant attitude {that's me- maybe that is why the honey allows it all}
* friends to lighten your load
* crafts/hobbies/talents to share and endulge in
* reading books all snuggly in bed -by myself or with kids- i'm ok with either

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

- travel safe- eat well- and share it with others----

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Gobble Gobble...

So the day before Thanksgiving and what would i be doing?  Cooking---of course.  Isn't everyone else around here?  I happen to be making some turkeys with the kids-----yum

Apple Pies for the family parties....

Good thing Thanksgiving isn't at our home--

That would be a compressor on the dining table. Only there a couple of days---had a friend who's dad took apart their beetle bug van engine and it sat on their table for 6 months! lucky for us - the honey actually needs this for work and picked the part up for it today. phew. Still doesn't mean Thanksgiving will be here.

And lookie what i found-

Betz White designed Kleenex boxes....oh so cute! Not the price, but the box. Might have to up-cycle it into a little wrap jobbie....tissue coming out of the top. Hey, that might be actually kind of cute don't ya think?
Must hurry and use them all so i can have it in time!

sniff, sniff.

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Pins and Needles

Hey lady---did you know you have a pin in your shoe?
It is the sort of question noone ever asks---not sure why....does it compare to the 'hey your zipper is down, you have something hanging out of your nose....did you know your trailing toilet paper?, let me grab that dryer sheet sneaking out of the pant hem....
Apparently it might be in that catagory--noone said anything, and 2 days later i notice.

So there ya go.
It's like a secret weapon---at least it's in the rubber of the shoe and not in the toe of the slipper. eek.
it's like a traveling pin cushion. :)

Remember yesterday when i couldn't remember what else to add to the sewing list- well, i remembered and then i sewed it---- Custom hotpad:

Cute stuff--- now off to finish the others i do know about....

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Pixie pieces....

This week i have a few sewing things that need to get done. First up - 3 pixies..... they will be joining a bunch of materesses to become princess and the pea!! what a great idea! I will have 3 extras for the shop. So If you would like are in luck. I need to finish them up and get them dressed, first. I don't sell nude pixies girls-
Also one the sewing list this week:
 apron for a swap, 2 tea towells with cute embellishments-christmas swap,cupcake hotpad
some christmas ornaments...{any ideas?}, boy i thought there was a few more...i could have sworn! hmmmm have to think about it i guess.
Not much of school stuff going on this week- i think that makes the kids crazy! + there is snow outside and so it takes 1/2 hour to prepare for it---so of course they don't want to go out. 

{tell the truth, neither do i}



I don't do monsters

I participated in this monster swap.. I am not one to make monsters. i thought it would be fun to go a bit beyond the normal around here. It is hard to make a monster girls! I have been  taught that this is not my area of expertise. i need some practice apparently, but not sure if that will be happening in the near future.    This is the little guy that i sent and i am waiting for my little one to show up. Here is a picture gallery of all the lovely  monstery monsters.

He wears his heart on his sleeve and has a crow as a companion. The one eyed cyclopse with a smile...i really can't make them mean looking! funny.

Tangled Floss
I have a few strands of embroidery floss for stitching- the thicker kind..that just don't stay straight.  Don't you hate it when you pull on the end and it all tangles up?

You have the same issue? I could roll them onto the paper or plastic cards, but to tell you the truth i think they are all used up, or they are hiding from me. Any whosies...I saw the little pile of wood spools and thought. why don't i just load them onto the spool?

All nice and tidy like....go on give it a try or a roll, or a wrap. Whatever you would like.
What -you ask am i doing with that embroidery floss?

This of course is part of the Secret......ah. man girls- i am a monster----arrr.

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My pile of BINGO Winnings!!! From Quilt Group night!!!
well, really it is a few piles of bingo winnings- all from the same win though. extra lucky!
A bunch of pre-cut for yo-yo's YOYOs!!!!

Christmas, cutesy and one crazy polka dot pile!
I really like Crazy mom quilts circle time quilt.
might have to give it a try and skip the whole yo-yo thing all together.

Of course i will need to share the other happenings from the quilt group last night.

Love the Black, Red and White don't you?!

And of course there was a little mini quilt show. We got a bottle full of charm squares.... and so we needed to share them all and then voted on the 5 favorite!
Check them out----such great ideas too...everyones is so different...ok now look:

and of coures one lone Chocolate quilt Finished! yippee. Great pattern by Angie.

I had a great time getting a way for a wee bit.....playing a game, winning something, and then just sitting and chatting for a bit. Extra nice. I just love quilt group night....    sigh.

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Counting the Stitches

Here is a little do-dad heart ornament i finished up! It is all wool and Angie shared the pattern with the quilt group 2 weeks ago....i know, it took me all this time to get that little thing finished!

Until the Christmas Tree is set up it will just have to wait patiently while hanging from the cupboard in the living room.  Love it though...thanks for sharing!

And, just becuase  I need something else to do---no really i do. I really don't mind counting stitches.  I have always been a X-stitcher and normal stitcher and crocheter and whatever sewer of the number sort. I like that kind of thing...kind of like counting the stairs when i go up or down {shhhhh, don't tell}.  So this is kind of a mind relaxer......yes. mmmmmm....why? why? do i need a brain relax?  BECAUSE---
I have sat too long at the computer--It is not my fault though! It is that wonderful surprise that i am trying not to spill coming the week after Thanksgiving.  But, i swear my brain is going to BURST!!!!

I got this great pattern and a few others becuase I traded a few things with Hollandesigns.  Girls, if you want anything in the slipper arena or even the fingerless glove thing you go there! She has some great patterns. For CROCHET too!!! yea!! everyone is a knitter {but me} so finding a liker of the crochet with wonderfully cute and so far easy patterns was such a treat!

Now, my little toesies will be kept warm while sitting at the computer..........

pst--tonight is quilt night. bingo game with prizes...hope i win a few goodies!

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Save your applause for the end

Did you watch the latest Superman movie? The one where he returns back? There is that one part that gives me the goose bumps. He saves the plane and lands it in the big baseball field when it is full.....then he steps out and they stand and applaud. I love that part! I mean who doesn't want that kind of thankfullness and ooooo's and aaaaaa's sent there way on a major scale as that? I am pretty sure that will not be happening in my life time, but i can get it in little spurts. Can't i? Sure, wanna see?

This here quilt got finished! I mean the quilting done, the binding- done. It is time to resume it's real life calling as a----extra large cape {no pic, but believe me it was a bit cumbersome}

Super Hero centers---

Superman borders. I think he loves it. I did it as a block of the month pass around sort of thing- last year ugh.... Every month you get something new to make and send on to the next gal.

I got this little string keep done. It has a walnut shell Pincushion sewn to the top part to keep it from slipping off the table when dangling, like this:

See how handy?

It's all empty and ready for some snipped threads to be tossed in by Wendy--my sister in law.

Just recieved this little package of goodies in the goes along with these:

Of course....this would be part of the secret and i can't share.... I know i promised, but i can only work so fast girls! settle down. I have set a new goal for the reveal-----the week after Thanksgiving. Everyone will be overstuffed and ready to settle back down- even for just a week before the christmas mayhem starts.
So watch for for it....
Until you can applaud the secret i will take just a bit of claps on these babies......thank you...thank you...

{Do you need some applause too? Bring it on...share it and we will give it!}

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Raggedy Ann Swap

Raggedy Ann Halloween Swap
She is ready to go for the night treating!
Her kitty kat is her best friend, and is always by her side.

She has a fluffy orange under skirt to poof out her evening dress.
Her little bag is empty are ready for some filing.

Of course, she has her fairy wings and her mask to keep her not too recognizable.
She has scrappy raggy hair {my way of doing annie hair- a bit different, but love it}
She landed at AwtemNymf's home.
Reminding you of what i recieved---

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You are the Best

I had gotten this little goodie from Janis---a new gal in the 'other' quilt group. No, really that is our name. We did that so when anyone asked ?where did you get/do that? we can say---oh, the other group. They stop asking questions. Aren't we clever? Anyways- she made everyone at the quilt retreat. Thanks Janis! i have finally unpacked a bit more from the retreat and found it recently. i know- so bad, but those things got finished--so they just hung around and waited for me to look at them again. Just a not- you pull the ribbon, but don't untie it. The gum just slides right out. slick and soooo cute! Everones had a different stamp- mine- your the best. yup...i know- hee hee
Can anyone out rightly guess what this is? Let me tell you a little story-short one. promise. I have loved MaryJane'sFarm for a long while now---and just recently she came out with a fabric line. oh, yea. i know! how joyous! one around here carries the line. i even spoke with Joni from Quilter's Haven-
She teased me and said nope- never. Well, guess what?! you will never, so let me tell you. She went to market {I begged, she wouldn't let me come} and went to a little show and tell with guessed it MARY JANE- herself!!!!! weeee She got a bag while leaving just becuase she knew she would give it to ME!!! can you believe? I am lucky! It has some un-stress pills {totally organic}, some wheat noodles, and a little kit for making a scrap hotpad! + the bag! oh my goodies goodness! She totally made my day!

Can anyone beat these friends? Give me a good story...and try.



Loops and Leaves

Got some quilting done over the weekend. Just in time to give it away this weekend at a wedding reception. I used a variagated thread. Love the look-- Quilted loops and leaves.

It came as a kit----i recieved it from a swap your UFO swap---It is finished! It will live on and not be in the to-do pile any longer!!! yay for the finished Ufo!!!

Here is the back. It matches pretty it has been lingering around here for WAY to was ready to move on too. don't ya think? aaahhh that feels good. :)

The little workshop on fabric postcards went fine. It was a bunch of fun! These set in their ways...only a handfull would take a stab at making one.  Here is Betty who stepped beyond the comfort zone:

I recieved my box of shop goodies from Deanna! She sent a bunch of hair goodies bows, clips, and headbands {keeping those for stocking stuffers} and baby bib and burb.  They are wonderful! Great construction--not cheap at all. and Super Cute. She has the shop Fancy Peacock---cute name. Check out her shop and her blog. Thank you- Thank you!! Love them all.

Skipping to a new topic and a repeat from yesterday, but i still would like input so there ya go...... I need some input....wanna help me out? Sure you do----yes? please?
I have a secret project {i know, i promised a reveal--but not quite ready---it's coming though, just be patient} .....I am wondering :
If you were to ask a craft designer interview questions what would they be?
Will you give me some questions that you have always wished someone would ask? Beyond the 'tell me your story' 'inspiration' favorites' question. Share a few or a lot with me will ya?  Sometimes what i think of is something totally different than what others think....and then i think....why didn't i ask that? rats.....

Thanks a bunch girls---you really know how to help another girl out.

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