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whosies--written whatnots: January 2009



I don't want to leave you in the dark any longer- here are the last of the presents. I must share....

Don't get all giddy. This isn't a present. i wish. It is just one quilt that i snapped a picture of while shopping for my birthday present with mom. sooooo cute!!

ok--now the presents:

Amy- my good sewing neighbor friend ;) gave me some "Glitz and Glam" that would be the sparkly thread on the left. How nice is that? i didn't have any of that stuff. Leave it to someone else to push me past the white and black thread area. I will be trying these out soon...The plate on the right- cupcake goodness is from my mom. Cute huh?!

Here my friends is the calendar. This is from my siser. yay sister!! See all the cute pictures. She is a scrapbook computer genius. She put all of these together, one for each month and then i have this nifty little cd holder!!!!!!!

Do you see how it works? You actually turn the lid all the way the other way--you have to make it click and you think you broke it, but you didn't and now it is a picture/calendar frame.
See all of the cute month pages:
The 4 are my favoritest and they are all sideways -sorry.

What a great idea and gift!! Everyone must have one of these..Do you have a smart computer scrapbooking sister??

This is the last. The daughter made me a little quilt. i went to the store one day and she snuck on my sewing machine and made it!!
There isn't any batting inside, but she did right sides out and sewed them all together. I am going to make a little label for it so i won't ever forget. Right now it is hanging out with my little crochet mouse. This guy with a baret -no name- is 33 years old. He was given to me when i was 3 by a nurse when i was in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery. Now he has a little quilt to snuggle with in his basket next to my reading chair in my room. Love them both.
So we're done with Birthday week.
Until next year.....
you know for birthday week.
Not for postings.
Don't you worry.



It's Hard Work Being Poor

i decided not to show the pics of the birthday presents because i got side tracked by something i said to the honey last night when we were talking and thought i would share. lucky you!

i said in conversation "It's hard work being poor".
to give you a bit of back ground- my honey took the big step last april and walked from a good job. one with insurance and flexibiltiy and good pay to go on his own. i being the real estate agent and he being a drafter and contracter seemed like a good combo. Well, that was right before the bubble of the real estate market burst. so here we are 9 months later and stuck between the rock and the hard place.

He succeeded in starting his own company, building a beautiful house up in chelsea cove area of bountiful (still for sale---anyone, anyone? price $569,00). but lately----not much. There are no drafting jobs coming in. He is able to pick up remodel stuff (he is very talented that way. His father taught him well)

So we are of course a little tight on the funds...
here is where the hard work being poor comes in.
It's amazing how you go along in life and really don't realize how much conviniences we have until they are there and---you can not use them!!

*cable t.v. --we didn't pay for a couple of months. then with no t.v. for a week we decided to call them. with the threat of leaving them they gave us basic of basic with local channels for $20 a month for the rest of our lives. We had to beg and plead to get this. WORK.
* the no t.v. was frustrating. we got a converter (like the poor folk) and it changed it to analog channels...but the recorder wouldn't recognize the still channel 5.1 or 2.1 or whatever. how come no one is shouting about this? It doesn't make it work!! oh, becuase we are poor and can't afford cable- that is why.
* if we could only find a way to lower our computer bill too...hmmm WORK
* food- no take out anymore. everything is thought out before hand then bought and made. Work.
* Everything I make is from scratch. Mixes- too much, rolls- too much, bread- too much. When you don't have a lot you make a lot from scratch. WORK it does taste better though :)
* Work--even trying to find work is WORK!! We have to talk, live on referals, and prayer that something will come along in the time we need it. WORK
* Purchasing supplies. I have to research prices, deals, what we have and what do we really need. Keep coupons, clip coupons, use coupons and ads. WORK
* Presents for others. Make them ourselves or no present. This isn't half bad. Kind of fun too, but still WORK
* Making ourselves look like everything is fine in our lives. WORK
* Convincing the kids that they don't need everything they see and desire. WORK
* Finding your own insurance and doctors that take that new cheap one. WORK
* Making adjustments to activities and programs -the kids, and mine too :) WORK
* Making things to sell for a little bit of extra- WORK not complaining though.
* Not being able to buy fabric---HARD WORK!!
* Trying to find a way around the new law that will be in affect on Feb. 10th so I can continue to sell the items i make--WORK
* this could go on, but i'll spare you
Everything you do and buy--basically your life has to be replanned, rethought, and redone.
not being able to afford things or just plain 'ol being poor is WORK!! It is not easy to be in this situation. You wouldn't believe how much frustration and discouragement comes with being in this situation. We have "enough" and are given what we need when we don't. We have a nice stocked up food storage with items we actually use and that is soooooo helpful.

I am not saying this for pitty. I just thought it was an interesting thought. I just am looking at things with a new perspective and of course had to share. Please don't be affended by the "poor" references either. We have been blessed greatly by others and we are thankful for that. Plus-
We will get through this just as we did 10 years ago when UPS went on strike. Honey had a good job and then after the union workers (working for the workers hmmm) got done with thier negotiations he got demoted, and his pay was decreased.... Sort of a been there, done that...

I have more simpathy for those "poor" people out there.

I hear ya my brothers and sisters!!

i hear ya.....



I have been playing catch up with a bunch of my single blocks. So i thought that today i would show them off. I do have a few more Birthday Presents to show off--not to say nanny nanny boo boo but they are really quite cool and I FOUND THE CALENDAR!!!! you wouldn't believe where it was. My purse all nice and safe. hmmmm what kind of a hint does that give? anyways.

Here we GO:

Log cabin in aqua and red for project improv. no pattern, just go for it. similar to the cranky quilt blocks. yay!!
2 little doll, wall hanging, table topper- you name it,you use it how you want to quilts. They are around 25 inches square. Using only leftovers and scraps, no pattern and just piecing as we go....tra la la la la la la ....
a couple of butterfly blocks for a quilt group. We are each making whatever and then they will be piecing and quilting the top for auction.
Utah Quilt Guild Round Robin. I love this yearly round robin. you sign up, pick a pattern or whatever, put it in a package with the rules and addresses and you don't see it until August. This is the first block i received. the jan. block. A christmas star. Lots of points on this baby. yikes!
This is the same program but i recieved Feb. block just a bit early...ya think? now though, i am ahead!!! simple star with big flower print and her background she sent. We also made 4 4 patches that are going along for the ride.
I have to share one more thing today. This morning while happily singing "good morning, good morning" to the kids, I heard some rustling in the big tv room. what? i go to discover 2 brothers sleeping together in the guest bed.
And then a few minutes later---up and playing Uno.
Thier own private sleepover. they had all the pillows piled at their feet so you couldn't see them when you walked in the room. sneaky.



Live Positively

That is what the coke bottle says anyways. Coke always knows best doesn't it?

Today is BIRTHDAY!!!! yay for me!!!

Here is a little background: (not that anyone really cares, but hey this is my journal so read up)
* born in New Jersey -father military GO AIRFORCE!!!
* I have a weird ss #. Everyone always asks-- where were you born? wait- maybe if i was back east they wouldn't ask me that. hmmm
* I am 36 today. I am officially closer to 40 than 30.
* I am getting wrinkles on my face. Laugh lines by the eyes ...their ok aren't they?
* I pee my pants everytime i play soccer. What can ya say after 4 kids :) Kegals -shmegals.
* I am not the greatest cook. I can do bread, but not fancy dinners
* We are going to Madagascar 2 for my party tonight with the kids
* I had a wonderful party up at my moms with everyone there but brother Ash. he was working annonomously at the fire dept. and couldn't make it. :(
* I love being creative with new love...plushes, dolls yay!
* I am not a great cleaner. I always choose sewing before cleaning, that might be the problem
* I am a real estate agent ...i bet you didn't expect that one.
* Girl scout troop leader for both daughters
* Day Camp Leader for 150 girls. this will be the second and last year in July for me.
* ummmmm
* I can't think of anything else to share
Enough about me....let me tell you about my presents!!
* My mom gave me a choise----pedicure or trip to the quilt store? ummmm hello. did she need to ask?

Here is my pile of goodies. The nice ladies at the quilt store gave us a diet coke each!! Plus i got a bunch of black and white fabrics and just a bit of red. I have a plan. yahoo!!!
Thanks mom!! love ya.
* Ash and Meg gave me--

1 litre of Diet Coke- live positively, 1 bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (if you haven't tried them you MUST!!!MMMMMMMM), 3 bags of Hershey's choc chips. Who could want more?

*Aaron and Wendy gave me a card with bucks- back to the fabric store and a ritter sport lemon chiffon chocolate. let me tell you how yummy that is. yummy!
* Amanda -sister- gave me this awsome calendar: oh, my gosh i left it at my moms!!!! ughhh How could i forget it? ok. it will take it's own post anyways to share. it is a great present that is a must for everyone to make.
* They didn't even know it but the Valentines book swap mom sent me a little something too. How lucky am i!!

oh, i saved it for today and haven't opened it. wait just a minute....

How about that. They are sooo nice!! a heart neclace. I have it on right now. Look- can you see the little lock, key, and red ruby heart? love it!! thanks guys for the early Valentines i'll take it for my birthday present
* Bucks from the honey's grandma- she is so generous to add to the quilting fund.
* The nursery at church (that is my calling) sang happy birthday to me- all 12 of them.
* Many wishes of Happy Birthday from friends too. Love those who care to say something.
I hope everyones day goes great....mine sure will.
Quoting Coke again "LIVE POSITIVELY"
-- pooka pants post. Pooka is spelled puka, which means hole in Hawaiin. There is a big hole in the top of the pants so that fits.
--anyone out there ready to share their cranky blocks?



Cranky Quilt- 9 Patch

to the
Cranky Quilt Row Quilt
Here are the rules:
* There really are none. hee hee
* There are suggestions on sizes and angles, but in the end it is up to you.
* You need one background piece of fabric. I would suggest getting around 4 1/2 yards for this. It is used as spacers, backgrounds, and some sashing too.
* The rest of the quilt can be scrappy, matching or whatever you grab from your stash or store that you love.
* Each row has a different block that has been "crankified". They are fimiliar blocks that have gone cranky.
* It isn't as intimidating as it looks. Please don't be afraid.
* Each new row will be posted during the 3rd week of each month.
* The patterns will be at the side bar so you can find them easy if you miss something.
* Please leave comments for help. Everyone can make suggestions and i'll email you too.
* The finished size is up to you. You want it small? don't do the amount of blocks suggested. Make only 5 instead of 7 as it says. get it? good.
* I have made mine to around 60X70 inches.
* That's a lot of no rules don't you think?
* Let's get started.

Block one: The 9 patch
This is an easy one to start with. Yay!!

Cut: 63 4 inch squares
Make 9 patches with all of those squares: You will end up making 7 blocks.

Aren't they nice and big? Now the second step. cut them. Yup. Cut them.

Take a big square ruler and offset it on top of each beautiful block. Make sure you don't cut off too much. You need to get this block down to 9 X 9 square.
Do one block at a time it is easier. To cranky it up even more- Turn the ruler a different way with each block. That way they all don't slant in one dirrection.
Your 7 blocks will then look like this:

I know this is a bit wasteful- you can survive.
Don’t get so cranky.
Now more fun:
Add a 1 ½ X 9 inch strip in between each block so it isn’t too cranky together. I used my background fabric for this little sashing. Then sew them together in a row. Don't sew one on the sides, Only between the blocks.

I don't have a design wall and so it goes on the floor. My legs are only so tall so you get to see only 3 blocks. Get the idea? good.

(note: I am aware there is a differenc in these blocks. I made my 9 patches using a different method and it was way to difficult and cranky to pass along. So they look just a bit different. The 1st block is what yours will really look like. Sorry for confusion. That won't happen again.)

FINISHED with Row one. Yay!!!

log cabin block

pinwheel block

basket block

ohio star block

friendship star

rail fence

finishing up

**I would love any links if you are doing this or pictures. There will be a flickr group for you to join if you would like to share with the rest of us.

*This is in conjunction with Project Improv. Hop on over and see others and what they are doing.




The story of the pooka pants.
Once apon a time there was a daughter who picked up mom and dad from the airport and fed them some yummy pancakes. Before leaving for their own home they presented us with some parting Hawaiin gifts.
the kids got shirts.
the honey got a shirt.
me- i got pooka pants.
Yea ;) Pooka pants. huh?!
What are Pooka pants you ask?
1st- Pooka pants is what my mom calls them. it is not actually what they are called-there is no name for them. She made the pooka up.

So take a look at that big bad boy. It's tag says- one size fits most!! the picture really doesn't show how wide it is. Maybe a good 46 inch waist. Yikes!! But wait. You slip them on...fold over one side of the waist...and then use the tie in the back to come to the sides and tie in a knot....then you fold over the extra above-a good 6 inches- down. Makes a cute waist and is a perfect fit to your waist. Isn't that what we all desire?

They are made with 100" cotton and the man in Hawaii that sells them batik dyes them or embroiders them. they are capri pant length. Wonderful. So they get softer with washing and fit just perfect for lounging. How great is that?

Look at all the colors!! and even the big fish. wonderful stuff.

So you have to go to Hawaii to get Pooka pants or maybe if i figure the pattern out.....i'll have to give them a try and share.

After trying them on and lounging just a bit I decided that Pooka pants are great and I lived happily ever after. ----don't i wish--

Tomorrow I will be posting the first pattern for the Cranky Quilt!!! It is a row quilt and is made with really no pattern. There are directions to help guide you...but no pattern.

Won't that be fun....or will it make you Cranky?

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Keep on Keep'n it on...

Tuesdays for me are the craziest of the week. Especially the 3rd. that is when all the activities seem to come up for us. Thought i would share.
Today on the agenda:
* pick up parents from the airport-- check
They called this morning, I answered pretending that i was already awake. I think they knew better. The warm 15 degrees was waiting for them here...after 2 weeks in Hawaii. :(
* Watch the Inauguration with the kids---check
My parents stayed for some warm pancakes, fresh eggs, and t.v. watching of the swearing in. Kind of nice all cosied together.
* Girl Scouts tonight at my house. That's a doosie. I am thankfully not in charge today, so it will be ok.
* Run to the store for prizes for Girl Scouts. They are memorizing something and when they pass it off--surprise. Love those.
* Cookies Sales started on Saturday. Sale Jerika Sale!!!
* Boy scouts tonight......the Pine Wood Derby!!! yay. Jarom is working on his "shark" car as you can see:

Afterwards Honey couldn't warm up. He tried the kids trick of hiding under a blanket on the heat vent :)
* Finish one more row on a row quilt. No pics yet but i will definitly be sharing. The first pattern for the block will be given out tomarrow with a quilt group. oh, hey...maybe i'll make it a row quilt block of the month thing. you know i love those. Why not share. ok. i'll think about it.
This is what i need. A hint on how to change a saved doc on my comuter to be a downloadable pdf link. you know--click it and go to the page to print-- i don't want to email everyone.
* Share my hat. Here ya go:

I used this pattern from Simple Beans. Let me tell you I am not a hat person, but it looks ok. I tried it out this morning picking up the padres. It was warm too. The pattern was a bit big for m personal head. Might try again and alter that just a bit.
-----sister called saturday and after a bit of discussion i was off to her house to teach her how to crochet and do the hat!! She is ambitious I would say!! She did a great job at learning though and has just a bit of a beanie started. Not too bad.....

We sat around all day saturday and crocheted, chatted, snacked, crocheted...and before you knew it was almost--- 8 pm !! yikes. wonderful nice time i do have to say though. i needed that.

Before i undid the ribbing on the edge. wow. scarry.
* Water the chickens and bunnies outside. frozen stuff- the water, not them.
* Do a little bit of cleaning. You know- the usual straightening stuff.
* Figure out what will be for dinner. Easy, simple, and maybe something that can be ready when girl scouts is over and eaten before boy scouts. any ideas?
* Soccer at 10:20 pm. that's me- girls indoor. fun and crazy stuff. lots of mother frustrations there getting out in the open. yay!!!
* One last thing. Don't forget to get a Love-lee at the shop. There are still more being put into the shop for your choosing.
I do have a good day tomorrow---quilt night!! If i survive. :)
Hope everyones day is productive--but not too crazy.
Keep on Keep'n it on...

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Valentines Love-Lee's

What is that i hear?
It was a bunch of little squeeks....shhhhh......squeek, squeek.
Hear it?

Would you take a look at that---- It looks like a bunch of little
Let find out about this little Love-lee:
* They are about 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide.
* A long twisty tail.
* Little pointy black noses.
* In their little hands they hold a button flower.
Take a close peak at their face---notice the shape? It's a heart!!
Lee is lovely and she is full of love. She loves love....It shows on her face!!

Because she is soooo in love with love she loves to help others show love too. If you turn her around she has a pocket on the back. Why? So you can spread your love. You can put little love notes or surprises in her pocket for others to find.

She is all ready to go to new homes to share her love and her notes with others. Perfect for the Valentine Season or for any other time of the year. We really should send love all year.
There are many Love-lee's to choose from. Each with their own special button flower.
If you want your own Love-Lee Click Here for the shop.
squeek, squeek.....

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Sneaking some little love

Valentines Sneak Peak

Just a sneak of LoveLee
The rest will show up on Monday.
Come back to get a better look....
Not much on the docket for this weekend. Sewing, sewing and more sewing..why?...because...i did it...I signed up for Art Market in Sugarhouse.
The first and hoping not the last!! Info on the side if you want to come and shop.
1st 2009 resolution ......started.

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Block of the Month Addiction

I feel like sayings: hello my name is Becky and i am addicted to block of the months....
of course with this addiction comes the finding of new ones.
I just thought i would share. I love doing these. They are only one block per month...I can do that?!....and they are usually a little smaller in size.....and they get me out of the comfort zone of me.

Bunny Hill Designs
This on is a tisket a tasket...basket blocks. oh, my goodness cute cute cute!!! There was one gal who did hers in with getting a little package of wool and some co-ordinating fats from the honey for christmas..thanks honey...i am doing this one in wool. Yes, he is missing his cute little orange nose. I have never done anything in wool before---quilt--and thought i would give it a go.

Gail Pan Designs. Christmas wish. She is a great stitcher and pattern design. This one will be done by christmas and is christmas themed. Cute start...oh, that is not my stitchery. :) I am still working.

Lynnette Anderson is still doing the Noah's Ark one.

This one is just a freebie. Not a block of the month, but thought i'd share anyways. I love the confusion and truth to it.
If you aren't into monthly projects head on over to one pretty thing. I love this blog!! she has a great stuff there that is collected daily. Little projects, tutorials, and anything else that fits. I find some great ideas and projects there.
For the life of me i can't find a mystery one. waaaahhhhh....didn't save it. it was really cute too. i will keep searching and post it when i find it.
I have to throw in a shop update too.
New snow bunnies, smappy babies, and a new kitties--they will be going in today.

The kitties are made with wool blankets or skirt. They even have a little friend stitched onto their hand. Their scarfs are removable too for those toy eaters. :)
If anyone out there has another block of the month to share....please do.

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Dandy Handy Warmers

How about a little tutorial about Handy Dandy Hand Warmers?!

I thought at first i would like to make crochet ones...but then i about 1 day they will be lost, missing, stuck in a corner, stuffed in a coat, or whatever else and i don't want to put the effort time and everything else to face this. So, the solution? Fleece
So get yourself a little piece of fleece, a little hand, and make the little ones some handy warmers. their wrists get chilly too you know.

It's as simple as 1-2-3!!!

Note: *make sure the 'stretchy' goes from thumb to outer edge...NOT tip of fingers to wrist. this will make it a lot easier to put your hand in.*


Trace your little ones hands (or print out pattern below). Make sure their little thumb is out just a bit so you can get that curve--where the pencil is--.

After cutting off the fingers and wrist (paper only please) add 1/2 inch to one side following the same shape and cut out pattern. (this will help with seam allowance and such)

Should look a bit like this:

2) SEW:

Pin that pattern right to the fleece pieces -right sides together- and sew along the outside edge. Don't sew on the paper and make sure that stretch is going the right direction -see above note-

Sew both sides and that little thumb curve. DON'T sew the top or the bottom for obvious reasons. *Make sure you back stitch at each start and stop so it won't come apart when turned*

Trim the piece of fleece --don't cut that stitching--. Trim the top finger area and the wrist area straight. Then remove the pattern. TADA!!


Turn right sides out. Make sure it fits. Now repeat for second hand.

Here you can see how i made the pattern just a bit bigger for the older daughter 11years. Just made the fingers longer and the wrist are too.

Here is the pattern:

Click on the picture to blow it up and print picture. I clicked on preview print and then made just a few side adjustments to make it fit on the paper correctly. The ruler is there so you can get the measuring right if needed. The one on the bottom I used for ages 5-8. The one on the top if for the 11 year old. You can use them and adjust as you see fit too.

Have fun and let us know if you use it so we can all see your sewings!!

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