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Cranky Quilt- Log Cabin

cRaNky QuIlt
LoG cAbIn

Instructions: You will be making a total of 8 blocks.

* Cut a center for each block. This center can be a rectangle, a square, or even a cranky shape. You choose. Your centers could each be different too- that would be cranky! (I did mine a cranky shape)
* Cut strips from your fabrics. For extra crankiness cut the strips in different widths. Use 2 inches, 3 inches and half sizes too. You want different sizes to offset that center block.
* Sew these strips randomly onto one side of the center.
* Continue to sew each strip to the next side. Keep adding strips to all sides until the block is over 8 inches square.
* Trim each block to 8 inches X 8 inches. You can turn the ruler if you would like and make them a little crooked. Push the ruler to one side so the other is just a skinny thing. Just make sure that the center block is Not in the center. You want these cranky, not perfectly placed.
* Sew each block to one another. Making one row of the quilt.
--have you never made a log cabin before? Tutorial here. Scroll down to the middle where they show you how to piece it.--

Here are some of my blocks:

Here are some pictures from finished rows from quilt group last night. This is about 1/2. I was late because of a baby shower so i missed a few :(

Are you ready to see the whole thing?
Here ya go:

They look a little blue because of the lighting...hmmmm. the background i used is white.
Did you miss one of the blocks?
Pinwheel block
Basket Block
Ohio Star Block
Friendship start Block
Rail Fence Block
9 Patch Block
Have a block to share? Join the flickr group and show us all!



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