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Valentines boxes and printables

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Valentines boxes and printables

We are the masters of boxes. I can turn any box inside out and with a bit of packing tape....voila! magic.
The kids have been working on their valentines boxes for tomorrows homeschool valentine party.
Jerika- a doll- wonder where that came from ;)

holding a heart and the top will loose it's lid so notes can be dropped into her.

Jarom- truck

i cut up a little baking soda container for the wheels and the end was put onto the back for the spare tire. The back was cut open for the truck bed and valentines to be dropped into.

Ammon- tent

He colored some windows on the side and has a little door on the front.

Eliza- last years mailbox. Easy, and she put a few new things on.

Here are their Valentines Cards.

I made this up on word program and then printed it 4 times- once for each. I finally figured out how to turn the text and whatever. I had a hard time though finding some cute sayings that they could draw. There are 9 to each page.

They went through and drew their pictures and i will photo copy them on cardstock to get the amount needed. They will get cut colored -if they want to- and then cut apart.

They have thier own drawings + their name on each card. No more signing 30 cards or whatever. yay!

Would you like your own to make?

Here ya go: Valentines printables Happy Valentines Card making

**wooo wooo...i just checked the link on the post and it works!!!! this media fire is spec-tac! have a doc that you would like to share? they can do it wooo wwooooot**



Blogger Julie said...

Very cute, Becky--lucky kids to have you for a MOM!! julie

12/2/09 4:31 PM  

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