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It's Hard Work Being Poor

i decided not to show the pics of the birthday presents because i got side tracked by something i said to the honey last night when we were talking and thought i would share. lucky you!

i said in conversation "It's hard work being poor".
to give you a bit of back ground- my honey took the big step last april and walked from a good job. one with insurance and flexibiltiy and good pay to go on his own. i being the real estate agent and he being a drafter and contracter seemed like a good combo. Well, that was right before the bubble of the real estate market burst. so here we are 9 months later and stuck between the rock and the hard place.

He succeeded in starting his own company, building a beautiful house up in chelsea cove area of bountiful (still for sale---anyone, anyone? price $569,00). but lately----not much. There are no drafting jobs coming in. He is able to pick up remodel stuff (he is very talented that way. His father taught him well)

So we are of course a little tight on the funds...
here is where the hard work being poor comes in.
It's amazing how you go along in life and really don't realize how much conviniences we have until they are there and---you can not use them!!

*cable t.v. --we didn't pay for a couple of months. then with no t.v. for a week we decided to call them. with the threat of leaving them they gave us basic of basic with local channels for $20 a month for the rest of our lives. We had to beg and plead to get this. WORK.
* the no t.v. was frustrating. we got a converter (like the poor folk) and it changed it to analog channels...but the recorder wouldn't recognize the still channel 5.1 or 2.1 or whatever. how come no one is shouting about this? It doesn't make it work!! oh, becuase we are poor and can't afford cable- that is why.
* if we could only find a way to lower our computer bill too...hmmm WORK
* food- no take out anymore. everything is thought out before hand then bought and made. Work.
* Everything I make is from scratch. Mixes- too much, rolls- too much, bread- too much. When you don't have a lot you make a lot from scratch. WORK it does taste better though :)
* Work--even trying to find work is WORK!! We have to talk, live on referals, and prayer that something will come along in the time we need it. WORK
* Purchasing supplies. I have to research prices, deals, what we have and what do we really need. Keep coupons, clip coupons, use coupons and ads. WORK
* Presents for others. Make them ourselves or no present. This isn't half bad. Kind of fun too, but still WORK
* Making ourselves look like everything is fine in our lives. WORK
* Convincing the kids that they don't need everything they see and desire. WORK
* Finding your own insurance and doctors that take that new cheap one. WORK
* Making adjustments to activities and programs -the kids, and mine too :) WORK
* Making things to sell for a little bit of extra- WORK not complaining though.
* Not being able to buy fabric---HARD WORK!!
* Trying to find a way around the new law that will be in affect on Feb. 10th so I can continue to sell the items i make--WORK
* this could go on, but i'll spare you
Everything you do and buy--basically your life has to be replanned, rethought, and redone.
not being able to afford things or just plain 'ol being poor is WORK!! It is not easy to be in this situation. You wouldn't believe how much frustration and discouragement comes with being in this situation. We have "enough" and are given what we need when we don't. We have a nice stocked up food storage with items we actually use and that is soooooo helpful.

I am not saying this for pitty. I just thought it was an interesting thought. I just am looking at things with a new perspective and of course had to share. Please don't be affended by the "poor" references either. We have been blessed greatly by others and we are thankful for that. Plus-
We will get through this just as we did 10 years ago when UPS went on strike. Honey had a good job and then after the union workers (working for the workers hmmm) got done with thier negotiations he got demoted, and his pay was decreased.... Sort of a been there, done that...

I have more simpathy for those "poor" people out there.

I hear ya my brothers and sisters!!

i hear ya.....


Blogger Julie said...

Hey Becky--I hope things get better soon. Sorry things are a lot of work right now--you have a great attitude though. I think I would be in the dumps!! Thinkin of ya----Julie

29/1/09 4:47 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Hey I'm poor too! I swear every year about this time, we don't have alot of extra money and that is when things that cost alot decide to break, like both of our cars. Or expensive trips to the dentist happen, or car insurance is due, stuff like that :) I'm right there with ya Becky.

Maybe we'll get rich at Art Market! :)

29/1/09 8:32 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

You'll have to explain the new law thing in a future blog. I'm not sure what you're talking about? I hope things start looking up soon!

31/1/09 12:52 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I don't pity you....we are in a similar situation. I stand with you in sisterhood. My husband is working, but I'm only part-time after having a couple of work interruptions over the past 2 years.

We are finding ways to not totally give up our indulgences, but to penny pinch in as many areas as possible.

Good Luck!

2/2/09 12:58 PM  

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