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Thank you thank you

I have to say a few "thanks"

Thank you Lucinda for this wonderfully fun little quilt. This was a trade---send the person a little package of fabric and whatever else and they must use it all. I wasn't very nice and sent ric-rac and a bit of pom pom ribbon + fabric. What she came up with was great!!! I love it. It is lounging on the arm of a couch at the moment waiting for it's permanent place.

I also got -awhile ago---sorry- a cute little dotty doll from jenny the artist. I sent a little hedgehog and she sent her:

She safely hangs on my lamp in my sewing room. The honey doesn't understand and thinks she is a bit weird. I really do like her. She has a lot of beads and stuff. Anyways....who cares what the honey thinks anyways. As if he is ever in my area. :)

I also got back some great pictures from Smappy Baby Pattern Helpers!! yay!!

I love them all and they are sooo cute. I sometimes have a hard time releasing patterns to others....but when others come up with such cute could i not share.

If you would like your own pattern to make your own

*in celebration of our anniversary we went to "High School Musical 3" at the $1.00 movies. It is family 50 cent night and so the kids paid their own way. Things have sure changed since that first date.*

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Blogger Julie said...

Cute stuff. Hope your day is going well--YAY for SUNSHINE!!! julie

13/1/09 3:50 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I saw in your sidebar you are doing Art Market yaayyy! I'm excited for you! I am doing it Valentines too, I wasn't sure I would get an invite because Valentines is a smaller show, but I did! Did you realize the picture you used is from last years invite?:)

13/1/09 6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey ! You got it ~ yay! I'm happy you're pleased with it ...

14/1/09 8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Hi. Found you through Liz at The Quilted Turtle and found it funny that you are in UT, too.

15/1/09 9:20 AM  

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