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Did you get it? Where you infected? Did you feel it in your home?

Mine did and my kids did too. The week before Christmas my children each decided to do a handmade item for their mom and dad. This was on their own and boy did we get some surprises---oooo, i love surprises--
WARNING: Reading, watching, looking, and enjoying these items might give you homemade overload.

Jerika- She is a sweety and always is making things for others. She especially loves making birthday presents and now, christmas.

This is a picture of a tree. Yeah, great you might say...but wait. See the little round ornaments? They open up. Each of them has a picture of someone in the family and something written about them above their picture. Isn't that just slick????

Jarom-- He is the inventive little guy. I am thinking he got just a bit carried away with the whole handmade thing, but loved every minute of it!!

This is a house. My house with a chimney. This is me....look a picture of my face even. Let's take a look inside shall we?

There is a table and a seat for me to sit on. There is a quilt!!!!!!!! and take a look at that sewing machine!!!!! did you see the toothpick needle????? He has really overdone it!! It is on display in the living room.
The honey got a snake game from him even with little players. I think he was wee bit jealous of my house though... :)

Ammon-- He made honey a spider. It takes some picky work to get it to stand, but it is quite magnificent.

Each of them loved their homemade presents. I found a couple of additions--rubberband guns and a bow and arrow set made from pvc pipe!! the boys love those and they actually work really well. I am thinking we will be missing the collection of long sticks and questions of--will this work as a bow? how about this? this one???

Our Christmas morning was spec-tac!! All was calm and lovely. The kids didn't get much, but enjoyed what they got. They have loved their homemade stuff so much that they haven't done thier puzzles or played their games yet. We even had to open a few little things this morning -littlest petshop, cars. I am not upset at this either. I love that they choose the others first and don't need all that other fru-fru stuff to be content or happy.
I do have to report of the honey. He did it!!! He went into a quilt store---by himself--- and bought me some fabric!!! a fat pack of wools and a moda pack!!! yay for him!!! He told the gals there that he was my husband-(I am an area rep for the Utah Quilt Guild so they know me) and they helped him. Nice bunch of gals don't ya think? Oh, and he loved the dog too. The cute couple is now residing on the bed. They are so cute together.
Well, it's over. Pressure is off. Life begins again. It was a good little bunch of days.
Hopefully we continue to find pleasure in homemade. I know my home did.

Would you like to share your homemade Christmas outcome?
i'll make a post with everyones links listed to take a peak. We all want to see what everyone else did and got.
oh, let's make it even funner. The giving will continue. When i post with all the links I'll draw a winner for a prize. An after christmas gift!!

Just to remind us what it is all about. A Mary holding Baby Jesus, Joseph, and an angel to watch and protect. They are pocket people and are around 4 inches tall. They are available in the shop + other handmade items.
Do you feel the itch???

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Blogger Amy said...

Becky, my kids all adored their animals you made! They all sleep with them now and they had to take them everywhere we went on Christmas to show everyone.
Handmade Christmas is now a tradition in our home:) it was fun and everyone loved it!

29/12/08 11:59 AM  

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