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Handmade Christmas Show and Tell

I have finished one of the presents for the kids. This one is for the oldest. She is 11 years old and just a few months ago purchased with her own money a doll similar to the American Girl Dolls. She has her own little bed, but not much to go along with this is where i go crazy. :)
I picked up this little suitecase at a thrift store for a buck. Then i scanned some postcards and pics and printed them off on fabric and fused them to the sides.

Would you like to take a peak inside? Of course you would--

This is the contents all snuggled inside.

Would you like to see them out?
And on the doll? Of course you would--
wool turtle neck sweater and long wool skirt.
wool wrap sweater and black wool short skirt
the wool long coat---the one side is a bit longer than the other at the top.....thus...the big flower.
here she is all ready to go out. scarf, mittens, and matching hat with pom-pom.
And what doll doesn't need their own little quilt and sheet and pillow with 2 pillow cases? her favorite color is purple. I even bought new fabric so she got something all her own.
I will be working on a few more things for the other kids this weekend. Can't wait to show what i've got planned!!

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Blogger said...

Aww, that is such a fantastic idea! What a lucky girl!

20/12/08 2:50 PM  
Blogger Casey said...

I love it! my grandma did something like that for me when I was little

21/12/08 9:00 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Very cool. She is going to LOVE it.

21/12/08 5:23 PM  

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