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Handmade Christmas + extra stuff

I finished yesterday the tops to these play mats. I still need to sew them to the backs and then ---done...yay!! They are for the 2 boys. Sometimes i go a little over board--at first i thought hey, i'll make 4 but after thinking about it, sometimes less is more!! so i did 2.
The first is a water scene. There is a lot of water and a few islands with trees and of course the island in the center with the X marks the spot and a treasure chest.

The second is outer space. I found this great piece of material at Joannes and added a large sparkly white moon, a yellow planet, a big blue one off the side and a melinium falcon. It would be just the landing pad area....can you see it? Get it? ok. neither did the honey, but oh well. i am a sewer, not a space aircraft designer!! Cheese.....what do you all expect? :)

I am trying to get ahead of tomarrow- dinner and all- so i am making pies. I get all the pie crusts ready-2 and mix the ingredients for the apple insides and go to get the apples...what? where did the apples go? there is only 2 apples left? what? who?
So here it is:
I could they? didn't they know? so i looked and looked and dug to the very back of the pantry and alas---i found it!! the can of pumpkin!!! So I had to roll out another vERY THIN crust for a third pie. Because nothing can be that simple- it was a monster big can of pumpkin. Mixed it all up and there. 3 pies. Now that i guess is planning for extra without even knowing it. hmmm
Last item on the get ahead for tomarrow list. HAIRCUT!!! Leave it to me to leave it to the very last minute possible- and then change haircutters, and beg the new one...please today, please.
It was soooooo worth the begging and waiting. I feel like a new gal!! My hair is FINALLY to the length that it needs to be to be a 'style'. Take a peak:

As you can see i am not a professional self portrait taker. I need to follow Boiled Peanuts cue and give it a go. Just a reminder---I am a sewer people!!!
Well- after wrapping a few things today and looking at the little piles of gifts I think i have it under control. I think I am really ready. By this time tomarrow i will be second guessing what i have of course....what else is new?
but today---- today i know it's good.

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Blogger Julie said...

Love the DO!!!! It's great!! Your brain goes 24/7, I swear--(well, not really!!) The boys will love the gifts. Have a very merry.......Julie

23/12/08 8:30 PM  

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