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2 times 2

Can you find the pattern?

*Took my parents (2) to the airport this morning (they are going to Hawaii--lucky guys)

* The high for today 22

* I went to the Utah quilt guild meeting to listen to 2 hours of business stuff, fun stuff, and chatting.

* It snowed 2 inches while in the meeting.

* It took me 2 hours to drive home.

* It snowed another 2 inches while driving.

* Driving in 18 degrees. My 2 wipers were all icy. Not nice.

* I picked up 2 pizzas for dinner (I didn't look forward to returning to 2 X 2 (4) kids swarming hungrily.)

***not related to the 2 theme***but i left the meeting for my ride home with a full bladder. 2 hours of squirming. I think i just looked like i was enjoying the music ;)

This is a picture from our drive to my parents at christmas time.
Interstate my friends.
It looked like that today----except that today it was
snowing and the wipers were half frozen.



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