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whosies--written whatnots: Links, winner, swaps, and snow bunnies


Links, winner, swaps, and snow bunnies

ok, all you lurkers...i guess you all got together and decided that Amy would love to have the pocket

The winner is AMY!!! She has the second largest pocket people collection in the World. This will just further her advancement above everyone else. :) Mine is the first--but hers are actually finished!) congrats and i will be sending those on over to you pretty soon.
Lurkers- go to her link. she had a great christmas of handmade.
I thought that i would catch myself and everyone else up on the swaps. I haven't reported a few.
Cupcake Swap. This was really a lot of fun to do. This is what i recieved:

a cute cupcake corispondance package. It has the cute chenille fabric outside with cupcake flannel and ric rac embelishments. Plus a ribbon yo-yo closure. very cute.

Inside: writting supplies. A tablet of pink paper, a journal, a pen, a letter opener, and the cutest cupcake cards and tags (see them on the left?) I should have shown them off better. Way cute!! oh, and please notice the crocheted pink and chocolate cupcake pincushion. love it!!
Please don't be angry with me--- i lost her name and her link. how could i do that? how rude. Well, if you are reading this---please post so we may all know who you are- and i can be reminded. sorry, but i still love it. thanks!!
Up next: SSCS or Secret Santa Christmas Swap
Look at all those goodies. A cookie cutter, some wayyyy cute buttons, 12 days of Christmas the Australian way, a calendar (lives at the computer now so i know what day it is), a little tour info book and take a look at this:

A Christmas stitchery!! and the star hanger even came with it!! yay!!! look at the cute buttons too. Great job and it is hanging in the living room right now above the fireplace. Thank you Thank you. My secret giver was the chocolate cat. I couldn't find a link for her either :( again--post if you would like us to come visit in blogland. we love little trips. missing in photo: chocolates. of course there is no excuse except for eating them. mmmm chocolate....

Take a peak here if you would like to see what i sent my secret partner. This was sooo fun. To have a little extra under the tree and really not have any idea what was in it!!

I also recieved one of the three bits and pieces swap. When i get the other 2 i will post those all together. Fun stuff!!

I also put a few new snow bunnies in the shop. The other ones got sold and went to new owners and so here are some new ones. Ready and waiting for a new snuggler.

And of course if you would like to narrow the gap of Amy's pocket people collection hop on over to the shop for your own.

I am supposed to be picking up and cleaning the house today and tomarrow. We have a new years party here for family and friends every year. Nothing big, just 2 ping pong tables, food for a lot of people, treats, drinks, maybe a movie, games and of course conversations!! If there is any one in the near visinity of us that would like to swing by go ahead!!

kids are definitly allowed and your ticket for entrance is a smile and a plate of goodies

:) mmmmm

is it really that late?

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Blogger Amy said...

yay! I am glad I am not a lurker! Now we get to add to our collection! Thanks Becky!

30/12/08 9:04 PM  
Blogger Chookyblue...... said...

The Chocolate Cat is Lise in the swap list.......lovely parcel received and sent......thanks for joining in the SSCS......

31/12/08 9:50 PM  

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