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Resolving my Resolutions

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Resolving my Resolutions

As far as resolutions go i am not that good at keeping track. I usually have some idea of what i would like to do, but to put them in written form...and then to keep them in a safe place. That's a bit tricky for me. This year- the blog list. This might help the flightiness and sporadic changing and confusion.

Here I go in some attempt to make plans for the future. The year of 2009.

* This year will be better than 2008!!! --i had declared the year of 2007 "the year of me" and it was WONDERFUL!! The year of 2008, what a let down. We traveled a TON, but i really wasn't that "happy". Too much pressure from the year before maybe. Anyways...... this year....BETTER.

* Have my items in a few places for sale. Whether that be a store, boutique, market..whatever. Give it a go.

* Make more from my scraps. --i have a heavy heart when i take the trash out and there are some scraps in there that i really could use in a small quilt...or something.

* Be more consistent with the kids with music lessons.

* Make my patterns i have a bit more professional. I am currently working on this. Thank you Tiffany.

* Go to a quilt market again. (Went in 2007- good year) Either one would be good. Spring or Houston. Maybe even catch up with a few new bloggers who will be there selling.

* Loose another 10 pounds. That's what i lost last year....wouldn't mind a re-peat. but not with the same pounds.

* Be more giving with my quilts. Why am i such a quilt hog? I really do have enough. I need to learn how to share--again.

* Keep a cleaner house. Really this should say---change my attitude about cleaning my house. enough said.

I have hit a little in each department. I am quite sure there is more that could be added, but i won't. Less is more. Let's just keep it at that.

Year in review

1. Peanut, 2. Peanut, 3. Peanut, 4. Peanut, 5. Peanut, 6. Peanut, 7. Goblin Valley 031, 8. Goblin Valley 028, 9. Goblin Valley , 10. Peanut, 11. Peanut, 12. Peanut, 13. P1010410, 14. Peanut, 15. Goblin Valley 016, 16. Goblin Valley 008, 17. Goblin Valley 001, 18. Goblin Valley 002, 19. city of rocks 043, 20. city of rocks 010

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Blogger Amy said...

happy new year!

5/1/09 10:48 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Enjoyed your resolutions--I hope 2009 is better, too. Hope you're havin a great day. Julie

5/1/09 2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Becky, you are so delightful!!! Good luck on all your plans, if I can help you let me know.
Congratulations on your 10 pounds shed.You always look good to me no matter what your scales say.
Your the best, thanks for all the work you do for us in quilt groups!!

29/1/09 9:39 AM  

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