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Keep on Keep'n it on...

Tuesdays for me are the craziest of the week. Especially the 3rd. that is when all the activities seem to come up for us. Thought i would share.
Today on the agenda:
* pick up parents from the airport-- check
They called this morning, I answered pretending that i was already awake. I think they knew better. The warm 15 degrees was waiting for them here...after 2 weeks in Hawaii. :(
* Watch the Inauguration with the kids---check
My parents stayed for some warm pancakes, fresh eggs, and t.v. watching of the swearing in. Kind of nice all cosied together.
* Girl Scouts tonight at my house. That's a doosie. I am thankfully not in charge today, so it will be ok.
* Run to the store for prizes for Girl Scouts. They are memorizing something and when they pass it off--surprise. Love those.
* Cookies Sales started on Saturday. Sale Jerika Sale!!!
* Boy scouts tonight......the Pine Wood Derby!!! yay. Jarom is working on his "shark" car as you can see:

Afterwards Honey couldn't warm up. He tried the kids trick of hiding under a blanket on the heat vent :)
* Finish one more row on a row quilt. No pics yet but i will definitly be sharing. The first pattern for the block will be given out tomarrow with a quilt group. oh, hey...maybe i'll make it a row quilt block of the month thing. you know i love those. Why not share. ok. i'll think about it.
This is what i need. A hint on how to change a saved doc on my comuter to be a downloadable pdf link. you know--click it and go to the page to print-- i don't want to email everyone.
* Share my hat. Here ya go:

I used this pattern from Simple Beans. Let me tell you I am not a hat person, but it looks ok. I tried it out this morning picking up the padres. It was warm too. The pattern was a bit big for m personal head. Might try again and alter that just a bit.
-----sister called saturday and after a bit of discussion i was off to her house to teach her how to crochet and do the hat!! She is ambitious I would say!! She did a great job at learning though and has just a bit of a beanie started. Not too bad.....

We sat around all day saturday and crocheted, chatted, snacked, crocheted...and before you knew it was almost--- 8 pm !! yikes. wonderful nice time i do have to say though. i needed that.

Before i undid the ribbing on the edge. wow. scarry.
* Water the chickens and bunnies outside. frozen stuff- the water, not them.
* Do a little bit of cleaning. You know- the usual straightening stuff.
* Figure out what will be for dinner. Easy, simple, and maybe something that can be ready when girl scouts is over and eaten before boy scouts. any ideas?
* Soccer at 10:20 pm. that's me- girls indoor. fun and crazy stuff. lots of mother frustrations there getting out in the open. yay!!!
* One last thing. Don't forget to get a Love-lee at the shop. There are still more being put into the shop for your choosing.
I do have a good day tomorrow---quilt night!! If i survive. :)
Hope everyones day is productive--but not too crazy.
Keep on Keep'n it on...

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Blogger Worm's Woman said...

This is a link to a recipe I'm actually fixing tonight. It's basicly a twist on spaghetti. Couple adustments. I cook the meat and pasta seprately, drain them and then add together and rest of ingrediants(I also am not a big onion or red pepper fan so I leave those out)
I also use the full bag (2 cups) of shreaded cheese since we like things cheesy.
And for added quickness I usually just buy the 6.5 oz can of mushrooms, drain and throw in.
It's a quick dinner and actually makes quite a bit. My family of four eats it and we have left overs that the hubby loves to take for work. I always have the ingrdients for this on hand.
Add a sald and some garlic toast and there you go!

Love the hat! I need to get back to teaching myself to crochet and make one.

20/1/09 3:04 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

ok you have to show me how to make that hat. i can crochet, but suck at trying to read directions...i have to SEE how to do it. it's cute!!!

20/1/09 10:41 PM  

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