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Block of the Month Addiction

I feel like sayings: hello my name is Becky and i am addicted to block of the months....
of course with this addiction comes the finding of new ones.
I just thought i would share. I love doing these. They are only one block per month...I can do that?!....and they are usually a little smaller in size.....and they get me out of the comfort zone of me.

Bunny Hill Designs
This on is a tisket a tasket...basket blocks. oh, my goodness cute cute cute!!! There was one gal who did hers in with getting a little package of wool and some co-ordinating fats from the honey for christmas..thanks honey...i am doing this one in wool. Yes, he is missing his cute little orange nose. I have never done anything in wool before---quilt--and thought i would give it a go.

Gail Pan Designs. Christmas wish. She is a great stitcher and pattern design. This one will be done by christmas and is christmas themed. Cute start...oh, that is not my stitchery. :) I am still working.

Lynnette Anderson is still doing the Noah's Ark one.

This one is just a freebie. Not a block of the month, but thought i'd share anyways. I love the confusion and truth to it.
If you aren't into monthly projects head on over to one pretty thing. I love this blog!! she has a great stuff there that is collected daily. Little projects, tutorials, and anything else that fits. I find some great ideas and projects there.
For the life of me i can't find a mystery one. waaaahhhhh....didn't save it. it was really cute too. i will keep searching and post it when i find it.
I have to throw in a shop update too.
New snow bunnies, smappy babies, and a new kitties--they will be going in today.

The kitties are made with wool blankets or skirt. They even have a little friend stitched onto their hand. Their scarfs are removable too for those toy eaters. :)
If anyone out there has another block of the month to share....please do.

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Blogger Quilter Going Bananas said...

Hi there, Thought I'd give you the heads up on another free BOM at Ellie's called Country Calender.

or go visit my blog and see my January 9th post.

Cheers, QGB

16/1/09 8:59 AM  

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