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Super Party

Of course you weren't the only ones that had a party for super bowl. We are not a sports family by any means, but we do have a super bowl party. I confess- i didn't know who was playing before we went, but you know---i could tell you the lines of fabric for moda....can they?

We had our 3-D glasses ready to go:

We are all on one of those slouch couches- or we were just slowching. Not a good pic for any of us in the mid area. yikes!!! FYI: don't slouch in couches when pictures are taken.

This is what we get when we have the 5 year old take the pic.

Eating, snacking, yacking, and repeat....

I brought some hand stitching to do....pocket people. They are the last of the things I need to sew for the show on Friday.

Great weekend and a sort of busy week ahead. I am going to be working on my table for the art market and will share.
p.s.--the groundhog saw his shadow!! oh, man...another 10 weeks of winter. Is it 10? ok. whatever. it will be cold. Until then we snuck outside and saw our own shadow in the beautiful warm sun!! aaaaahhhhhh......nothing better than a little vitamin D.

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