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whosies--written whatnots: F-F-F-FRIDAY!!



I don't want to leave you in the dark any longer- here are the last of the presents. I must share....

Don't get all giddy. This isn't a present. i wish. It is just one quilt that i snapped a picture of while shopping for my birthday present with mom. sooooo cute!!

ok--now the presents:

Amy- my good sewing neighbor friend ;) gave me some "Glitz and Glam" that would be the sparkly thread on the left. How nice is that? i didn't have any of that stuff. Leave it to someone else to push me past the white and black thread area. I will be trying these out soon...The plate on the right- cupcake goodness is from my mom. Cute huh?!

Here my friends is the calendar. This is from my siser. yay sister!! See all the cute pictures. She is a scrapbook computer genius. She put all of these together, one for each month and then i have this nifty little cd holder!!!!!!!

Do you see how it works? You actually turn the lid all the way the other way--you have to make it click and you think you broke it, but you didn't and now it is a picture/calendar frame.
See all of the cute month pages:
The 4 are my favoritest and they are all sideways -sorry.

What a great idea and gift!! Everyone must have one of these..Do you have a smart computer scrapbooking sister??

This is the last. The daughter made me a little quilt. i went to the store one day and she snuck on my sewing machine and made it!!
There isn't any batting inside, but she did right sides out and sewed them all together. I am going to make a little label for it so i won't ever forget. Right now it is hanging out with my little crochet mouse. This guy with a baret -no name- is 33 years old. He was given to me when i was 3 by a nurse when i was in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery. Now he has a little quilt to snuggle with in his basket next to my reading chair in my room. Love them both.
So we're done with Birthday week.
Until next year.....
you know for birthday week.
Not for postings.
Don't you worry.



Blogger Nancy said...

Love the little quilt your daughter made you. How sweet.

I have that bird quilt pattern. One of these days I might even make it. I fell in love with it too...

30/1/09 7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! That's some great presents... thanks for sharing!

30/1/09 10:11 PM  

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