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Facebook Friendzy

So i wasn't a big fan of facebook. that was all of last year- but saturday changed that. I found some friends!! That might sound kind of funny. Actually. They found me. So now i have a few that have been lost except for the occasional phone call back into my life. aaaaawwww i love friends. don't you?

Extra bonus- i started thinking "how about so-and-so?, and them too"? and sure enough I found a few other friends. Now i am surrounded by friends...even in the computer world. We are never alone really are we?

I do have one complaint.....I can't spy. I actually have to be someones friend before i can access their page. What, why?! Here is my example: My father was Airforce and we were stationed in Madrid, Spain for 6 years. That was from 10 years to 16 years old. That is what i remember the best.

I have my older sister who hung out with a bunch of kids. They wouldn't know really who i am, but i know them. i would like to take a peak at what they are up to. So i am stuck at just being the bystander again and asking the sister what the others are up to....hmmmmm....


I am throwing in a bit of sewing along with this little facebook frienzy.

I have a dirty iron. Don't we all? We get going on a project and before you know it there is sticky, goo in little or big splotches on the front. What are we to do?

This is what i did. Went to quilt meeting thursday night, played Bingo..won- finally...and snagged me a tube of iron cleaner. I did what it said and after a 30 minute workout of ironing it is relitively clean. I still need to do a bit more--but i can live with it. So instead of holding my breath each time i use it hoping that dark streaks won't get transfered to the light fabric via the iron....i can breath. (it is a little smokey--the instructions said it is normal, and stinks just a bit-) but overall----good. It glides all nice now. yay!!

Without all the dread lingering over me with ironing on light fabric i was able to get 1/2 of the top done for the CrAnKy QuIlT !!!! aren't you excited? i am.

I will show it off when the next block comes up---the 3rd thursday of Feb. yup. ya gotta wait.

Anyone have any blocks they would like to share? links or pics? that would help us all wait a little patienter. (is that a word?) please?

p.s.- status report on the art market. i actually did pretty good. i was soooo nervous when i picked up the stuff. didn't look like much had been sold. but after coming home and counting everything i made the charge to participate + a good amount of extra to do as i wish. i will be doing it again in may. thanks for the encouragement.

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Blogger Deanne said...

Friends ARE great! My favorite hobby is blog surfing to find incredible ideas! Currently I have zillions of faceless friends out there who have terrific blogs that I follow...that makes you a new friend! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas with cute pictures as well. I can hardly wait to spend some time with my sewing machine tonight!!!

30/3/09 7:56 PM  

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