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Hard Work Update

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Hard Work Update

Occasionally I will update the It's hard work being poor post. As everyone probably already knows there was a commercial during the Super Bowl. It announced the free Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast to anyone and everyone in the world yesterday.

So, of course working hard to get things at a discount we loaded the car and went. We stood in line for a mere 40 minutes and were seated 10 minutes to 2 (the ending time). We ate, the restaurant was sort of empty by that time, and enjoyed our time with one another.

Thank you Denny's......pancakes for lunch....delish.

The best part was their hot cocoa. If you have never had one of must.
Hot, chocolatie, and with cream on the top. Devine. mmmmmmm



Blogger Amy said...

My husband went with some guys at his work and decided they didn't want to wait in the line :)
Are you ready for Art Market? Are you setting up tonight or in the morning? I'll be there tonight :)
I'm excited!

5/2/09 12:04 PM  

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