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whosies--written whatnots: Inspiration



Just thought i would share a bit of where and how i get my stuff.

Best resource ever is children. Some great stuff has come from a child's drawing. They have such imagination and simplicity to them. They definitly take me out of the comfort zone and make me think "outside" of the box.

This is Eliza's drawing of a fairy girl. I was planning on doing the ears and then left them out when sewing :( I tried something totaly new with the head. Made it the shape of the bob hair. Turned out pretty cute. She is around 10 inches tall. I had her small (my weird comfort zone) and then decided to go bigger.

Little Miss

This is the newest little gal. She has a few other friends already made with other accessories. I will show them all off next week when i officially get the pattern all tested and ready to go. She is 15" tall and has big bubble feet with cute mary jane shoes. She can sit leaning forward just a bit- but by herself! She has a braid in her hair and carries a cute school bag.

She is also made from a drawing Eliza made. Hers is in yellow at the top right of the paper, mine is left in marker. She is at the age where she gets body parts but they are still round circles at the end of legs and arms. They are so full of inspiration and challenges.
You never know what will come from those few little scratchings. Suprising isn't it?
I love the library. As anyone who knows me knows that. I love pouring over the books. There are so many!! We don't have a big library, and i have read almost all the crafty books there, but sometimes they surprise me with a new one. yay!! lately, i have been seen hanging around the childrens area for good illistrated books. ones with simple shapes and great looks to them. They i get them home, open the sketch book and start writing notes, jotting down ideas, and anything that flips my skirt. Doesn't mean i'll ever make any of that, but just in case. Later i can review, change a few things surprise myself.
This works with quilting too. I have an idea drawn out for another row quilt. All maybe cranky- maybe not- baskets. i might have to keep with the cranky theme this year. hmmmm
**Heather and Sammon- email me so i can get you the pattern. thanks a bunch! bekntab4(at)yahoo(dot)com ***



Blogger RAZZIESPLACE said...

That little dolly is adorable. Will you be sewing or sharing that pattern?

11/2/09 8:12 PM  
Blogger stacey said...

I've enjoyed looking through your blog! The two new dolls are great, I love Little Miss' shoes...can't wait until my daughter is old enough to draw me up some inspiration! :)

12/2/09 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

toooooo cute!

22/2/09 1:30 PM  

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