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Pattern Critique

The girls have grown out of their dresses. I call this second winter. First winter is when everything fits---second winter is when they have grown and they need new stuff. There is also a second summer.
So there being a sale at Joann's and I being one who needs new fabric, i went. Got this pattern.
And then I thought I would share my opinion.

It's a great one!!

It was really quite quick, easy, and basic enough for anyone to use. There is a zipper in the back which actually takes longer to do than cut and contruction of the whole rest....I need more practice I think. I did the square neck, but they do have a V-neck in the pattern as well. No buttons or ties either.
I used a light corderoy that i got for 2 bucks a yard. great. So each dress was $4 + my time. not too shabby.
I used the size 6 for my big age 5 Eliza. It is spot on. Just right around the arms and chest area. Just enough room to sneak a cute shirt underneath. It doesn't make the sleeves pucker and lays beautifully at the waist. The puckers are just right and a ton easier than doing a gather skirt. yay!
Dress #1
Dress #2
I lengthened this dress another 3 inches or so. I like this length better too. Kids never really seem to get 'fat' around the chest only least my kids. so this will make it last longer.
I have one more for her to make that is black corderoy with cute small pink flowers.
Their sale is still on today and the older one- Jerika saw the white one and really liked the fabric and the dress pattern. So i might be picking up a bit more to do one for her in her size.
This is definitly Easter Dress practice.



Blogger Liz said...

Very cute. I may have to pick up that pattern.

18/2/09 8:38 AM  

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