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CrAnKy QuILt BaSkEt BlOcK

Cranky Quilt Basket Block

For EACH Block you will need:
1- 7 inch X 6 inch blocks ---- Background
1- 8 inch X 5 inch blocks---- Background
1- 8 inch X 5 inch blocks ---- Color
1-- 1 1/2 inch X 12 inch strip....cut on the BIAS

You will be making 9 blocks for the row quilt
Piecing Instructions:

1) Take the 8 inch X 5 inch background AND the color (basket fabric) and lay the right side FACING UP!!! This is for BOTH pieces. RIGHT SIDES UP!!! get it? ok. I know that is hard to do, but trust me.

2) Lay a ruler on top at an angle for the basket and cut. You need to make a cut on each side. You can make pointy baskets, fat baskets, or totally cranky baskets. You decide and just go for it. They will all turn out just perfect. Don't be afraid to try all different kinds.

3) Now you need to shuffle the little stack. You need one the background fabric on the outside and the basket fabric in the center.

Notice that you will really get 2 blocks. They will be exact opposites of each other. I only used the ones with the basket in the center, but you can do as you wish.

4) Match up the edge of the basket with one background side. Make sure you have the little tips peaking out.

5) Sew along this edge. Repeat for other side and iron open.

6) Take your 1 1/2 inch strip cut on the bias and fold in half---iron the fold.

7) Take the strip and sew along the raw edge. This edge will be on the inside. The folded edge will be on the outside. Because it is cut on the bias you can manipulate the strip into the curve you want. Make sure the ends of the basket aren't on the outside or the basket. If you would like make a mark in the seam on the background fabric for your starting point and ending point. Then you don't have to keep checking and making sure it is lines up. That would be cranky. Some others suggested using ric-rac or even a bias tape maker thingie. That would be smart!

8) Iron the handle to the inside and then stitch by hand, or tack stitch, or whatever along the folded edge.

9) Sew the top handle block to the bottom basket block.

finished. Now, don't be too criticle. I am fully aware that i didn't follow my own instructions on lining up the handle with the basket. See what you get? Cranky!
Check out some more of my blocks that aren't that far as handles go...or maybe they are.

To play along and win you must:
*Leave a message/comment with this post
* Make sure you have a back link, or leave an email so I can tell you- you won. Wouldn't want you to miss out.
* Show off your work. either on the Flickr Group OR Link us to your blog and show it off there OR email me the photo and i'll share!! whosiesandwhatnots(at)yahoo(dot)com
* Pics can be from the last 3 months.
I will Pick a Winner Monday

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Blogger Julie said...

Thanks for you help again last night Becky--good laughs and good times. I think everyone went away with a smile on their face--no easy task;) Have a great day. Julie

16/4/09 12:27 PM  
Blogger annemarie said...

I love your title - we all have a right to be cranky at times!!

16/4/09 3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

woohoo! well, you have 2 of my blocks on the flickr group already... ok, off I go to make a cranky basket!

17/4/09 11:15 AM  

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