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Easter Dress #2

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whosies--written whatnots: Easter Dress #2


Easter Dress #2

I finished #2 today.
Mccall's 3623 pattern just for those sewers who will be asking.
Great EASY!!! pattern. The V in the front is a bit lower than Jerika is comfortable with so i put a little insert in. I think that maybe a different fabric would have been cuter, but this works.

I also added a tie to make it just a bit tighter too. Overall Cute, Easy, Quick, and happy it is done.

After dinner we made chicks and their nests. Rice krispies, egg, and peep. Not as cute as the picture on the internet, but still yummy.


**Just an additional note of ramblings... People where are the treats? Where is anything? I have been such a procrastinator lately. waiting, waiting, then finally going and everything is gone! who? what? where? why?I mean, i am in a panic anyways because i waited...then nothing at the store...another panic!

Check this out: target. nothing. walmart. 4 choc. bunnies. 1 bag of marshmellow eggs. finally- all a dollar. just a little. 1 box of peeps taken from a gift basket- yes, i asked and they said it was ok since 1/2 the stuff was already missing- hole in the wrap. and some little choc bunnies, eggs, and random hard candy chics. there was not one bag of Jelly Beans to be found. Who is hording all this stuff?

Take a closer look. this a bite? Before packaging? Anyways




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