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Easter Dress

I finished one!!! yay for me!!
This is Eliza's. I didn't have enough fabric to do a real fancy dress, so i looked around-- on the internet of course...blogland. oooooo. anyways. I found a wonderful site. This is a Smarty Pant Girl. She gets an award. Just Tutes. She has wonderful tutorials, patterns for kids clothing. This is where i found the top pattern. It is the Peasant Girl shirt. I didn't put elastic in the sleeves - eliza doesn't like that- and i put a skirt on the bottom.

I added a crocheted lace on the bottom that i have had for a bit and a tie at the waist. It has the little bustle thing in the front. Eliza kept saying that she her friend has the same kind of dress and she has this big round thing on the front. she wouldn't give up so i made the flower. It is pinned in place so i can move it around or take it off if i want. I used the lazy hem using bias tape i made with the blue fabric on the sleeves.

Not sure what to do with the older one- jerika. I am sure something will come up.

Today the kids are going to their cousins home to play for a little bit. That leaves me here....alone...i could sew, but i think that i am going to attack the toy room and see what kind of damage i can do. That would be on getting rid of things without the 'keepers' around. There is a lot of 'kept' stuff. I even made a list of things to do....shelves, books, toys, clothes...the usuall congested, unruly, piled, outgrown........stuff.

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