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The Sky is Falling and Other April Fools Goodies

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whosies--written whatnots: The Sky is Falling and Other April Fools Goodies


The Sky is Falling and Other April Fools Goodies

This is what happens when you leave a tree in the yard that is hollow and full of frozen heavy snow...... The sky falls...

See on the right...yup the air conditioner...missed it by 3 inches. There is a mark on the wall!Lucky us. No April Fool's here.

Cute little spot where that nuisancey type knocking noise from the woodpecker dug. Of course i would be taking the pictures and not cleaning it up....that is honey's job.

This is what the kids did to honey today. Made some 'cookies' with brownish clay and squished raisins and choc chips in it so it looks like a yummy cookie.....mmmm yummy...

Missing choc chip spots...suspisious.

This is what i and my co-conspirator Amy did to the honey. Ok. she made it and walked it down to my house and shared...after she did this to her honey...of course.
Chocolate dipped Cotton Balls. I giggled just a bit while he was chomping down on he was a little more hesitent...darn and my giggle. He did take a chomp though and was a little dissapointed that it wasn't the real deal, and kept picking at the edges to eat the real chocolate :)
How was everyone else's April Fools day? fun?
Don't get all upset because this is included in the April Fools arrived and i didn't want to get backed up on the swap showing off thing so i had to include it. Dianah sent this package to me!! yay thanks!! a little hanging quilt with welcome on it, a pile of cards that have fabric strips sewn on...cute, and a little sling bag...i love it all and it was worth the wait!! Thank you Thank you

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Blogger DIDI said...

Hello, funny April fool's day at your hose, the fooling around day over here (in spain) is 28 December!
Well I've just discovered your blog and I think it's great. I will be starting with our quilt-a-long cause your instructions are great. Well I'm new to this patchwork stuff so my blocks will certainly be cranky (lol).


2/4/09 1:55 AM  
Blogger modernthread said...

Wow! Save some of that birch bark for me!! jk!

2/4/09 9:43 PM  

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