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Drawing a Blank

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Drawing a Blank

So there weren't any names to put into the drawing for me to pick from :( well, ok. there was me and i keep winning things, but i already have in my collection a nice set of patterns from the shop, so i can't choose anything.

I know that everyone is busy, so maybe we'll all find some extra time this month to finish some up and post our doings. I'm not giving up. You can't make me give up that soon...

I know this whole Cranky thing is a hard one. It's hard not to have a real pattern, and it's hard to find time, and it's just plain ol hard to keep up with life. So don't fear.... I'll have a drawing (hopefully will) each month, so play along, and win something!

Enough of that. Let's talk about something positive....With the warming of the weather...spring is on her way, there comes the best early saturday morning activity---garage sales!! They are few in numbers, but that doesn't mean they have few things to sell.

I got around 5 yards of a nice blue linen piece $1, 1 yard of tan linen 50 cents, some extra spectacular tiger stuff 50 cents, and 2 sewing books.

The white book -stitch something special is from like the 70s and has some great little projects i might have to give a try. the stitched with love is a wonderful book...but guess what? the patterns are on the cd and the cd isn't with the book. :( why does a book writer do that? i need to google it and see if i can find some of the patterns, if not i might have to resort to doing them my way.....not the cranky way though.

How about another positive thing:
Tomorrow i am showing off a new pattern!!
It is a Baby Quilt Pattern.
I have shown a few sneak peaks before...want another one? ok. fine
you gals are so bossy you know...

Should i do a give away too? You'll have to come back and find out....hee hee

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Blogger labibliotecaria said...

Well, I don't know what the prize was, but if I can enter belatedly...

23/3/09 7:38 PM  
Blogger RAZZIESPLACE said...

Cute peek! I'm sorry. I've been busy and haven't been reading my regular schlew of blogs!

23/3/09 8:08 PM  

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