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Weekend Workings

This is what i have been working on this weekend:
Some dolls for a Custom Order: Clue...they have a sister named Anne....?

A little more Spring Cleaning in the sewing area:
Before...drawers, overflowing with crazy fabric!! What do i have? Where is that one...? Who keeps stealing things? Why can't i keep that drawer shut?...I need new fabric!!!

After: aaaaaawwwwwhhhhh Oh, look at that piece. So nice and folded, ironed, and stacked.

I seperated them into piles. Took the big pieces...bigger than 1 yard and i will put those some where else. Then smaller than that i folded and then had a 'snippets' pile too. that is ones that aren't big enough to fold. Then i found a TON of strips!!!! I put those in 3 piles. skinny around 1 1/2", then 2 1/2", and then 3 or more inches. I am in need of some strips for a quilt group project so this has worked out perfectly!! It has taken me like an hour per drawer- yikes! I have 3 of the 9 done.

It is sort of exciting to find fabric. Almost like shopping, almost....

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