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Mr. I'm 7

He is 7 now. He is proud of that number. Loves to say, well...i'm 7 now. I am bigger than... I can, because I'm 7....
He got to go to Build a Bear with grandma and Grandpa on Saturday with a few other cousins, and his little sister Eliza. I tagged along and went window shopping with Jerika. Fun times.
We had a family party (ok, just us) on Sunday. Had yummy chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and chocolate icecream....mmmmmm...sang some songs, opened a few cards and presents. The normal party stuff.
Last night we took him out to dinner. He chose Olive Garden. another mmmmmm.

we are waiting for the food. Jarom just couldn't contain himself with the wine glasses any more. He just had to give it a try :)
Then we went to BOLT. Honey kept on prompting him to go to Bedtime stories....don't ya want to go to? about...? He even offered him 4 bucks to not go to Bolt!!! can you believe?! Well, the newly 7 year old held strong to his convictions and we went to Bolt.

Funny- when we were in our seats and waiting for it to begin, we overheard a dad 2 rows ahead of us say.....are you sure? you don't want to change and go to Bedtime stories???? LOL
Anyways. Funny movie, great story line.....I highly recommend it.
Random leftovers:
Kids doing school this morning...i found this...suspicious!

I also figured out the Mermaid Smappy Girl. Isn't she just lovely? She is available in the shop...go take a peak or better yet, give something a home.

Just a few photos taken by Eliza...that little sneak. These keep on popping up on the camera.....
Short Takes of the disappearing Webkinz Croc

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