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Pancake Warmers

Today we woke up to a little sprinkling of snow dust everywhere. The poor birdies have to fight the snow to find the seed.

Since sometime in October we made a rule of cereal only on the weekends. This makes breakfast kind of interesting. We have muffins, toast, eggs, sausage, pancakes, waffles, and anything else we can think of. This has eliminated a lot of mid morning -more like one hour later- complaints of 'starving'. It saves on the milk and cereal bill each month too, that is for sure.

I thought I would share a recipe of one thing we all love to eat.

Here is the recipe:

It really only takes a few minutes to mix it and make it.
Suprisingly quick, easy, and super yummy!!
Here is Jarom trying to warm his morning self up with one:


I am going to be working on quilting some of my tops. I have quite a few that even have backs and batting cut for them. What the heck?!....I found the pile. Anyways. Next week I will have some quilts done and ready for some showing off. Then maybe i'll have a binding party with everyone....bind it and share it sort of

Quilt night tonight. We are going to make some pin cushions like these:

Maybe i'll do a tutorial on those tomorrow. We dye the doilies and they are stuffed with crushed walnut shells. Sharpens needles and pins and is a bit weighted so they stay put. Love them!!

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Blogger Julie said...

have fun tonight--glad I have one or I would be jealous :)!! Julie

5/3/09 1:43 PM  

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