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More shirt stuff

Are ya sick of me? And the Shirts?
Sorry- i thought though i would redeem myself and show a :

This one is a couple of years old....but it is made with shirts!! I got them at a garage sale, fill up a brown paper sack for 2 bucks. sweet. Wanted to try using them in a quilt. Even the white background is white shirts. It is a bit on the smaller size, like a lap quilt. I am guessing here - 50 X50 inches or so.

The block is in the Cranky Row Quilt and I think it is the next block I show you This month. It is a fairly simple block expecialy when it gets crankified. Can't wait- 3rd thursday

Here is another one:

This is my honey's quilt.

This has all of his mothers clothes in it. She has been gone from us for 3 years now, this past christmas eve. She had LouGerighs (i know that is wrong) but it started in her brain and so she had only 1 year with us. It took her speach first, so she quietly endured everything herself. The daughter in laws were her 'mom sitters' so me and the kids got to spend every thursday with her. You learn alot when you are the one talking all the time. About yourself mostly. anyways. I was asked by her to make her husband one from her clothes. She lost a lot of weight and had most of her clothes didn't fit. She got to see that one finished. I did and then I thought i'll make the honey one too, then a few others asked and i ended up making all 9 children one. They all recieved them one year after she was gone at christmas.

They all use the same fabrics for the center. They are shirts, dresses from weddings, common clothes everyone recognizes from her. Each had a different layout in the center. Around the world, scrappy, name it. Then the outside borders were different. I tried to do them in their favorite colors, or a dress that she wore to their special day. They are all wonderful. Her name was Rose, and so i quilted swirls and roses. It is about 60 X 50 inches size. Enough boobiness.....we miss her.

Has anyone out there made a quilt using shirts or clothing? I am a bit facinated right now at using recources, or up-cycling, or de-construction, or whatever else you call it. Go green...

p.s.----I hit the one year mark of blogging. Remembered, then forgot, and now remembering again. I appreciate all the nice words, encouragement, and the sharing of yourselves and friendships. Funny, but I really like my computer friends. I can't wait to see what is new in their lives and see what they say about mine. :) I love to blog and share my crankiness, cookiness, craftiness and all out crazyness. Thanks for taking the time to listen and participate too. Here's to a new year of it all.......cheers. -pretending to raise my milk glass and cheerying everyone- blogging friends.

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Blogger Julie said...

I think those are my favorite quilts that you have made--they are worth so much. My SIL's mother was just diagnosed with Lou Gherig's disease. She and her husband were serving their fourth mission in South America, and they had to come home early. It is progressing rather rapidly. She is now confined to a wheelchair--last month she could walk. VERY sad--life sure isn't fair sometimes!! Hope you have a great day. Julie

4/3/09 9:31 AM  
Blogger Bunny said...

lovely quilts. My mom made me a quilt from all my maternity clothing. She used some other fabrics for the borders. But all the rest is from maternity shirts and pants. Most of the clothes were handmade by myself or my mom.

4/3/09 10:10 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Love the quilt with all of your mother-in-law's clothes, I love that idea!

4/3/09 7:27 PM  
Blogger Stacey - Elle Belle said...

The clothing quilt you made from you MIL clothes is such a sweet heirloom, I bet she was very happy to be able to see it for herself when it was done!

We make quilts from baby clothes in my Etsy shop. It's a wonderful way to preserve all those precious memories!

6/3/09 6:00 PM  

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