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There's a hole in my pocket

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There's a hole in my pocket

There is a hole in my pocket. Do you have one too?
It only shows up when i enter a quilting store.
All of a suddon the hole opens and
my money slips out onto the counter.

Great deals = Great stuff
I have some grand ideas for this stuff....of course.
Chocolate Easter Bunnies & Little Chicks too.
I have one baby quilt top done---
and others already planned out
and awaiting my time......



Blogger Julie said...

Is that fabric from Ben Franklin? You scored!! How was Friday--I almost came around 8:00, but chickened out when I thought it wouldn't be nice to share my sickness. I am STILL having stomach issues today--don't know what's wrong with me...maybe it's stress!! Lots on the plate this week...have a great day. Julie

23/2/09 12:50 PM  
Blogger Sonnja said...

The fabrics is lovely!
Kind regard,

Bear Zonn

23/2/09 11:30 PM  

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