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Dress Shirt Conversion Tutorial #2

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whosies--written whatnots: Dress Shirt Conversion Tutorial #2


Dress Shirt Conversion Tutorial #2

Here is another one: skirt and tutorial: I knew you would be interested :) Sneak in the honey's closet again and find a shirt that is 13 years old. yup, the one that he wore on your honeymoon. that one. good, now let's begin.
This time i cut up the side seams and across the arm seams to remove the front panels from the shirt. like this:

See: Cute front pockets will now be cute front pockets on skirt. The button panel will be in the front too.

Cut the top straight across. For the bottom you need to determine how long the skirt will be. Adding just a bit for the hem at the bottom. this one you need to hem. Cut across the bottom at this determined length.
You now need to get rid of that funky shape made by the arms. Lay your long ruler starting at the point at the end of the skirt, across it diagnoly and coming to the top. Cut along this edge. This will make it just a bit A-lined.

Like this:

Lay out the back of the shirt flat and spread out the newly cut front (buttons are buttoned) on top. Pin if needed, and then cut along all edges making a back for your skirt. Now, you have a front and a back piece.

Sew both sides together- right sides facing each other-. Iron these seams open and flat.

Now hem the bottom edge. Fold over twice for no raggy seams.

This time i added darts. i didn't want a gathered waist and so that is what you gotta do. Have the daughter try the skirt on and figure out where you would like your darts. I did 2 in the front in the center of the pockets, and 2 in the back at the same spacing. Then pin how much you need in each dart. I figured 1" each. I really should have done just a bit more.

This is what it looks like inside:

And outside:

Now add the waistband. I took the cut off piece from the bottom of the front of the shirt and used it for the band. Easy enough.

I laid the skirt on the cutting mat and measured the waist across. I did measure the left and then the right sides to get their measurements seperate. Then i did the back as one piece.

I measured starting from the finished edge outwards. Cut my pieces 4 inches by the length needed.

MAKE SURE when you cut that you have one finished button hole and one button on the front bands. These are for keeping the skirt closed. No need for making a new one when you have one ready to use....

Like this: See the hole on the top one? and the button on the bottom? They need to be positioned on either the top 2" or the bottom 2". This way when you fold it over it will be on one side, not right at the top in the center... that would make for some trickery buttoning.

Sew the 2 front bands to the back band. Iron the seams flat and open:

Pin right sides together the band to the skirt. Match up those side seams and the front ends too.

Sew it. Flip it into place, iron the seams down, and try it on. Just like so: Much nicer than the elastic don't you think?

If the double layer of material is just too much for the button to go through cut the back part off. Just leave the front so it looks normal. I used matching thread that hid well and sewed around this area so it wouldn't fray like crazy. Then it is easier for the little hands to button.

Here is the back: windy day, wouldn't stay down

The front:

Love the pockets. What do you think? anyone, anyone??

With playing along Whimsy Loves- Couch Cushion Cooties...
This is what i found in the couches. I sew while the boys read so that is why i am finding so many thread. I did find in another couch a pool stick. ok it was kids size, but still. funny. go have a check and play along here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this. Thank you for the tutorial. It's always good to find a use for all those big old shirts!

18/5/09 9:13 PM  

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