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3 Sisters Bag *WINNER*

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whosies--written whatnots: 3 Sisters Bag *WINNER*


3 Sisters Bag *WINNER*

Julie said: I'm the oldest sister--I have too much junk for the other two. Plus, I really am the older sister!! Cute stuff

Thanks Julie!!! It will be traveling your way shortly :)

If you would like to make your own 3 Sisters Bag
and grab yourself a copy of the pattern.
The pattern is $5.00 and no shipping charges!

While your peaking at the shop---I have some new bunnies!
They are Chocolate Bunnies- a bit early for easter or just Spring
There are rasberry, orange, strawberry dipped
with milk or dark chocolate. mmmmmm
*Do you see one in the pic that is not in the store? email me and i'll send it over*

*They don't get loaded all at once*

Speaking of give aways too.... I won one!!!!!! yay for me!!!

Her name is Sakura and she is making her way to her new!
She does some great stuff. I can't wait.
She will join the others on the bed. hee hee
Thanks for 'playing along' and don't forget next week
upcycling a mens dress shirt into a girls skirt tutorial--fun stuff!!
Have a great weekend everyone
p.s. i fixed the link for the free bat quick stitch pattern. thanks for giving me the heads up.

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Blogger Julie said...

YAY!!! What an awesome birthday gift that will be!! You are awesome--thanks, Becky--you just made my day. Julie

27/2/09 10:27 AM  

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