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Updating the Store

Just thought i'd do a shout out for the store- Real quick like
First I'd like to Introduce:
Little Miss--

She is the latest pattern I have put together for sale. She has a few accessories that come along with her. A School Messenger Bag:

A Handkerchief and boots so she can be a Cowgirl:

Change her colors- body and tights, hair, and shoes to make her into who you need.
A Ballerina, Cowgirl, Schoolgirl, or whatever you love...

She has big bubble feet with mary janes. She has a flirty little lace skirt, a lucky button necklace, and a braid in her hair. She is ready to be put together and played with in any adventure.
I have put a few new Chocolate Smappy Bunnies in there also:

Don't forget about the 3 Sisters Bag Pattern too:

Happy shopping and have a great day!

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Blogger Julie said...

When in the land of creation do you sew? You are so dang fast--not fair!! julie

4/3/09 9:00 PM  

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