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whosies--written whatnots: Distraction---again



I get too distracted. I say one thing and do i am going to quilt this weekend. Then....something in my mind gets attracted to something else, and just like quilting.
This is what i did instead:

A bit of Stitchery....
Found here at Wee Wonderfuls.
Resting yesterday for just a minute, i heard Eliza yell out...not sure why...mermaid! Do you know what popped into my head? Oh, how about a smappy mermaid-----but of course.....

What do you think? She is missing her 'shells' and tie strap on the back. Will be making a few of these until i get it right.
Can't decide what i love the best...the tail, or the little curl in her hair.....
Jerika cooked these for us today.
Fried bananas.

Quick recipe:
heat butter in a pan. Slice bananas and fry on both sides until golden. Sprinkle with Cinnamon and Sugar. Eat. Not a bad little 'treat' for a change.
The idea of quilting has passed me by this weekend and i feel like this week too. I have a few more things i would like to 'try'. Too bad for the quilts, they will have to wait.
We had a birthday at the house too. Ammon turned 7!! We will be going to a movie tonight together and out to dinner. Fun stuff.

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Blogger modernthread said...

Yeah we are paying for our internet unfortunately!! Oh well. You are busy with sewing projects left and right!! I love your mermaid!

10/3/09 12:37 PM  

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