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I thought I was organized

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I thought I was organized

I really did think that i was organized. I keep my ideas in a little sketchbook, keep all the patterns in a 3 ring binder.
At first papers had a place, then there were more and they went into a big ziploc, then there were different just grew and grew until....every time i would grab the 3 ring binder it would leak. Stuff would fly out, things would drop, get lost, name it.

Talk about frustrating. It was worse than the pile you saw yesterday!
So this is what i did last weekend. I got myself a little bit organized.

I went to Walmart and bought these colorful folders for 78 cents each. They have 3 little seperaters that keep holed paper in place (really can't remember the darn name for them), and pockets on both sides.

I have enough to label them. So now i can keep all those little pesky peices in their own 'department'. My mind won't go crazy with sorting through the piles to find one little thing. I have a place where all the freebies i get off the web can go to.
There are a few extra files that haven't been labeled yet. Wondering what they will end up becoming filled with.....hhhhmmmmmm


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