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New tires and other goodies

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New tires and other goodies

So yesterday i went to get a few new tires put on the suburban. wow, they are pricey little round things aren't they? Since we had 'fuzzy' ones on the front--- i guess it was time.
conviniently my favoritest quilt shop is just across the street and up just a bit. hee hee... so of course i chose that waiting area and not the stinky rubbery smell waiting room. who wouldn't?
They just put this line on clearance 40% off. the I love nature one by rjr. love it. I has little birds, and flowers, and dots, and trees...and good stuff. i got 2 nickel packs for 3.25 each what a steal!! and a few other pieces for a little project I have planned.

I have a few new things I am trying to finish up. Would you like some clues? sure, why not....
* Pocket People--not them, but something new....
* Baby Quilts
* Applique
* Chocolate dipped strawberries
* Whatever else that flies into the mind....
I have the Squiggly Waves on the quilting machine!!!yipppeee for me. Finally.
By the way--does anyone elses work area look like this? This is just the cutting mat--What is my problem? I am thinking right now that there is a thread thief somewhere...I can't find the ones I need!!!

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Blogger Amy said...

I LOVE your smappy mermaid! She is adorable! You've got me thinking about Easter gifts!
I know of which quilting store you are referring to, that is my favorite one in Bountiful too, I must remember that the next time I have to get tires! I don't know if you have seen that Nuttalls is moving their store, everything is on sale, it's not my favorite place to get fabric, but I was there the other day and found a few good deals, I even snatched up some Amy Butler fabric for under $4 a yard.

Oh and yes my work area turns into a disaster all the time! I've heard that creative people are messy :) It's a constant battle.
Wow, this was a long comment.

11/3/09 9:21 PM  

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