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Oh my golly ---Dolly!!

Went on a little outing by myself today...some me time. nice. Especially after COOKIE BOOTHS!! Girl scouts of course. Fun and busy. I just sit there and let the girls do it all. Lucky them. Anyways. back to the time.....
Spent a few bucks- on some patterns.

**Got a GREAT doll pattern. I am a sucker for these things, i just can't seem to help it. This one is Packed with great stuff though....
This was origionaly printed in a color ad in the Woman's Day Magazine in November 1975. You had to order the the pattern. Doesn't say how much this little bundle of goodies cost then. There are 8 patterns total of different dolls. Each having thier own outfit and a few extras, like a cape and a bonnet, and doing clothes the easier way with know, stuff like that. There is even a mini doll. All parts are there too. lucky me. I have been lately facinated by others patterns, construction method, and clothes...oooo clothes.
** I also got a second doll pattern. (Pink one on the left.) Wasn't as great as the first, but still cute. Nice to have reference to. There was an order form in there for other patterns. I wonder if i could find those, there were some interesting ones.
I also picked up a few patterns for Jerika....dress jumper and skirts. Will share some critique if and when i get something made. Soon hopefully.

And a little embroidery stitchery for her. I think she might like doing something like this.

Well, me time is over and off i go to make sure the riding of 4 wheelers in the back yard isn't causing any injury.

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