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Lucky Me

I AM THE WINNNER!!! Boy, 2 in one month? That is the Luck of the Irish isn't it? But, i'm not Irish.....hhhhmmm. Well, I'll take it anyways.
Want to see what i won?
Checkout Girl does some fantastic felt work. I can either have a family portrait done, or our home. It is really hard to decide. We have moved 9 times in the 13 years of marraige. So do we do the home we are in? will we be here for a long time? Honey is a builder--see the problem? Family portrait. Everyone changes. Still cool though. I am totally EXCITED. ....can you tell?

What have I been working on? Well, I haven't cleaned anything else in the sewing room :( But i have been working on a few Birthday presents for this weekend:
This is for my turning 7 little niece:

She has a reversible skirt, little shoes, a felted wool dress, and of course a little messenger bag to carry her treasures in. Think she'll like her? She is made with 100% wool suiting (from men suits) samples. Love those 6X9 things. I am going to ask for some more. I can see another addiction coming.....somebody stop me.

This little Fly guy is for my nephew who will be turning 14. Do you think this is ok? We are going to give a box of girl scout cookies with it.

Not too immature do you think? For me to send? I mean i have stuffed guys on our bed too. gosh. I did see this on the internet and kind of did my own thing....of course he is all wool again. Suitings and sweaters, oh and even a wool pant. He has a red wool pocket on his front to tuck his many hands in. Love it!!

And my Andy's are almost ready to go....just a few more things. They got their faces finished. Now they can see all the crazy action in the home. oh, the stories all the stuffed guys in our lives can tell....

*****On A CRANKY NOTE*****

There are currently 3 members of the Cranky Flickr Group. One of which is ME. and no one has shared a pic .....yet....Don't let me win my own prize girls. I am Lucky don't you know....

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Blogger Crochetoholic said...

Hello ther, I love the portrait and house felt creations you have won...hmmm I think the family one because even though you change it will still be all of you. Homes come and sure have moved a lot. I also wanted to note that your little dolls are very cute and I am sure your neice will love it.. :) your blog...I am with you very seldon win...congrats...

21/3/09 9:37 AM  
Blogger RAZZIESPLACE said...

Ohhh..hard to choose between the house and the family portrait. I'd probably go w/ the house. If nothing else, it would be a nice memory.or, you can leave it on the wall when you move so the next family can have it.

23/3/09 8:10 PM  

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