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Slacker Swapper

That would be ME!!! don't be all affended like i was talking about it. it's me. yup...
Purging the inventory of photos i came across a few....that i never shared! how dare i. That is like rule #1--share what you got and give them thanks....such a slacker.
Please accept my appologies as i share today and hope to find links to who you are.
I really do love to do swaps, so please don't ban me?!
The following are in random order. Not really sure which one would be the oldest.
This one was a collection of papers. You send them, they bind it and send it back. Great collection of fun paper. perfect for sketching, doodling, and just plain fun stuff.


This one was send some fabric to 3 different people, they make something and send it back. This is what i got from one. Guys i love this wallet!! It matches my patchwork purse perfectly and is really functional and great!

I also got a table runner, got drink wraps, some hot cocoa mint stick stirers from another gal, and still waiting on the 3rd....hmmmm
Birds of a Change Swap. You make and send 5 then you recieve 5 back. I sent my bird ornaments. Aren't these just cute?! They are all hangers. I need to find them a home. Still searching for their 'nesting spot'. Regina put this one together.

Here is a little owl in the owl swap. we both did stuffed ones. funny.. From Auntie PittyPat The little owl sits in my room in the basket full of my own stuffed animal collection.hee hee

I sent this little gal along with some fabric and goodies...used the Quick stitch pattern, but used recycled sweater instead of felt. worked perfect.

I got this UFO project from Cleary. no blog.

Great package of pre-cut quilt top with a bunch of pattern possibilities in their own clear bag!! love it.

This is Gertie. Her name is stitched on her tie around her neck. She is from Heidi. She also sits in my room in front of the books, beside the basket full of my own stuffed guys and gals now. Love her!! She has a little bonnet...can you see in that awfully dark photo?

This is the little gal i sent. A kitty cat with her little bird friend in her hands. I added those cute shoes. Love them!

The kids did a GREAT Valentines swap with other kids. Each of them got a box full of the perfect books and goodies for each.

Here is Eliza with hers + the shirt she is wearing and still loves to death!

Here is Jaroms: Lots of little activities and make it yourself kits. he loves to build and do that stuff so it was Perfect!!!

And she threw in some WONDERFUL stuff for me!!! Check out that bag!! And the little sling purse which i now use for my cameral, Perfect. + chocolates...mmm

Here is Jerika and Ammon opening their personal packages.

Everyone has thuroughly enjoyed their goodies. They like getting mail too people!!

Not a Swap, but a win!!! yay for me!!

Sakura- she is soooo great. She sits in the chair in my room in front of the basket full of my own stuffed animal collection :) LOVE HER!!! want your own? sure ya do....go to PilliPilli blog or store.
She does great hand work and quality. Very nice. Around 11"tall. Just perfect in the chair.

Well, thanks for looking and swapping. Want to know what i am waiting for still? ummmm let's see, the 3rd sender of that one swap, a fairy doll, anything else? hmmmm. Want to do your own swapping? This is where i find all of mine. Great site, great swaps... oh, my goodness just peaked...did you see the upcycled apron and the annie doll swap and even the little button one??? See how tempting they are? Good Luck
Speaking of luck......
How was everyones LUCK yesterday?!

Here is Sage with her green collar so she wouldn't get pinched.

Lucky her.

**I just have to report...we won!! it was our lucky day!! Finally. That would be my indoor soccer team. We played at 10:20 pm last night and won 6 to 4!!! WEEEEE.

**** Don't forget ****



Will you be there? or is it here??



Blogger Deb C. said...

Whew-- Finally!! I got one of my friendship groups to do the Cranky Quilt as a group project and we've been anxiously awaiting the next row. YIPPEE! Thank you so much.

18/3/09 8:41 AM  
Blogger CieAngel said...

Oh I'm so glad you got the swap and that you like it. I still have not recieved mine yet will let you know as soon as I do.
Also I do have a blog lol.

18/3/09 7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your fairy is almost done... just working on the last of the embelishing! :)

19/3/09 5:41 PM  

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