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Smarty pants

Everyday i am overwhelmed by the knowledge of others. There are some really smart cookies out there, ya know. These are a few that really just hit me in the that is so smart. I just can't believe it. Simple and Wonderful.
Let me introduce you to the newest smartipants i found this last week:

Twiddletails. Not only does she have a super awesome block of the month going. I know how could paper piecing and flying geese be super awesome? well, they just are. Still working on my blocks.
Anyways. She also invented, thought up, conjured in her mind....and then made.......a portable ironing table!!!! So what, i know is going through your mind...but wait. let me show you:

um, yea. that is a T.V. TRAY!!!! gals. how smart is she? Here is her link with instructions.
Next one up. Oliver + S
This gal has again...invented, thought up, conjured in her mind...and then made this: look at the skirt.

I know's just a skirt. But let me tell you----it is the skirt and the HEM!!! the hem gals. that is what i am showing here:

I know- that is cute fabric. Vintage Switzerland stuff with a cute ribbon hem. (i think the birds on the ribbon are upside down-- should have paid better attention). Anyways. It is a RIBBON HEM!!!! You wouldn't believe how EASY this is once you 'get it'. I am definitly hooked on this type of a hem. I am feeling a bunch of laziness coming on. lazy day skirts laziness that is. Go here and print off your own pattern. Easy Peasy and addicting! I really should do a tutorial here. Maybe another day.

I should have a smartypant contest. Anyone want to share their smartipant-ness with us? Leave a comment and note or even a link if you would like. It's all good---knowledge is power. isn't it?......smartypant

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Blogger labibliotecaria said...

Public libraries have a wealth of craft information that you can explore before you commit. They often have color copiers as well, in case you don't want to drag home 10 books.

Oh, and if you can get by a local farmers' market, the strawberries this year are divine.

25/3/09 8:59 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

did you just mention my favorite place...the library? LOVE IT you are a smarty pants! strawberries--love those little sweat nuggets too. thanks for the tip

26/3/09 8:38 AM  

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