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Honey has Hobbies too

As i am so obsorbed in my own hobbies i didn't realize that honey has one too. Well, i did, know.
the first one would be tools..he being a builder has quite a few to choose from. The next one? How about Atari Video Games. We have the newest console that holds i think 40 games or something, and we have the old style one with around that number in cartriges...there is no nintendo or game boy, or Xbox in this home..just Atari. We shoot the pixel cowboys and cactus and silly hunting dogs, and pacman,...all the goodies. Anyways.
Here is the Astroids II game. It is in the garage and everyone loves to play. We have a contest on New Years party for highest score.
Let me introduce you to the newest Garage member of Atari fullsize:
The driving one. You know pedal, steering wheel and gear shift...oh yea... The kids are dying! The screen needs keeps telling them game over. But he is sooo excited and can't wait to have it up and going. I am not sure what is fun about standing to play a game in the garage that is either freezing or burning hot...but go for it.....
Let's talk my hobby now---I have a quilt retreat this friday and saturday up at my moms with a few gals. We stay up late, sleep over, eat chocolate and sew, sew, sew. It is a bunch of fun! Can't wait. So in preperation for the retreat i have been thinking --what to take? A new project? Old, unfinished one? what? I went through a pile of bagies--the collection of unfinished sort of organized mess and thought, and thought, and then i sewed,sewed, sewed!
Whip it Wednesday was yesterday
How about Polka dot Pinwheels... all the blocks were sewn just needed to be put into rows and then the borders. This was leftover 1/2 square triangles from this quilt zig-zag. How great is that! i love leftovers and a free quilt! This one measures around 48 X 46 or something like that. Not too big, nice little snuggly. I finished a back for it too.
Button Tree Lane. This was all put together, the button Finally finished this summer and i put the first border on. There needs to be a second border but didn't have the right homespun for it...wait, something just popped into my head. I have half a bolt of a nice blue one...i will look. maybe that will be finished, finished today! The back is finished too.
The top center was finished. All wool. Just needed the skinny border added and the back put on. So it is FINISHED totally!! it is all wool in the center. It's a little bigger than a size of paper.
I did put the center together for the 2nd boys Super Hero Quilt. Have to add a few borders and then it will be done.
Now that i have finished all the little projects...ok not all by a long shot, but enough...what to do at the retreat......thinking, thinking, thinking.... and why is the morning light blue? Is is easier on our newly opened eyes?
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