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Body Parts

Peaked your interest? I am really not that psycho.
Anyways. That is what has been laying around here. Little pieces of this and that---you know how it goes.. cut, snip, sew, stitch, fix, un pick, and that is for just the arms and legs.
don't turn me in....they are only little stuffed guys for the store and upcoming shows.
And just for kicks...
Eliza the forever snuggler of Sage. I can only see one smiling....

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Anonymous dabooklady said...

cute...I like the guessing game.... :) I must get my office cleaned up now, all the family was over during the weekend and I threw everything in it as a quick "pick up" for the rest of the is a mess,.,,,, whoooo....

8/4/09 11:48 AM  

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