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Quick Stitch Pattern


A simple name for a simple Quick Stitch Pattern.

ok. fine i couldn't think of anything else.

Size: 8X4 inches

I know that i am cutting it close here. What do i have? 6 days now? I have been trying a bunny for awhile, but seriosly couldn't get the pattern right. So after quite a few miss-tries this is it:

Bunny thinks the best thing is to have an apron that has just the right amount of pocket space for a carrot. crunch, crunch, crunch.

Here is Bunnies little fluffy tail.

The bottom is flat so with a bit of coaxing, Bunny will stand.

If you would like to make would need your own Pattern for Bunny check out the shop.

The pattern has pictures to help you along. I would say it is easy stitching for the hands...but that is just me. i did make a few of bunny already. You still have time to make one.

I also have Chocolate Smappy Bunnies, Snow Bunnies...They are all waiting to hop into some ones basket for Easter. They love chocolate kisses and smearing smudges of fingers---only if done in love....

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Anonymous urban craft said...

what a little sweet bunny. I love it!

6/4/09 3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bunny is so cute!

8/4/09 1:41 PM  

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