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Reportings of Sewing--finally

I had to show off the Chocolate Quilts... This is what i have been working on.
First one is the one i just finished quilting for a friend Angie. She is the designer of the quilt....i will announce when she has her pattern finished and available to purchase. Super Cute

This one is mine:

Fun to see them, they turn out so differently. I didn't quilt mine as much as hers....i am this close to sticking it back on and doing some more.

Thought i would share some quilt group photos...these are all from the gal who does costuming around the country for plays. They are fantastic!! She has a real eye for the color and how it shows off on the stage. She had a Joseph and the Technocolor dream coat- coat...oh, my goodness. Huge and Beautiful!!

Here are just a few:

This one had been wore 50 times she said. Wonderful lace everywhere.

this one---she painted the lace gold...funny. She says though that everyone washes it after they are done and it turns back to goes the process again.

this here is a crocheted hat. A gal was crocheting them for her little neices. She has a pattern and is mailing it to me! i am excited. they are so cute, easy and check out that fancy flower too.

I made another Lazy Day Skirt....and have a few thoughts of others too. Of Course.

Hey- check out this wonderful blog. She has a custom painting up for a giveaway.



Blogger Julie said...

Your chocolate quilts are fabulous-shall we start them in April or May? I'm thinking May so that we have a new, fun surprise to announce for April. I need to talk to Angie. Have a great weekend. Julie

3/4/09 10:29 AM  
Blogger cindy : quaint said...

your quilts are wonderful. i need to get back to sewing.

3/4/09 4:05 PM  

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