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whosies--written whatnots: April 2008


It's all about me girls----

Let me tell you about my day- Normal things in the morning.... before i can start my day i have to tell you a little history
last saturday i went to a baby shower. There were some presents there, in the give-away basket to take home. We drew numbers and then got to pick something out. So i chose A BakeSale Cookbook. Great book, but really not interesting to me right now.......soooooo i chose to take it back to Barnes and Nobles and get me a gift certificate. Is that naughty of me? (it's all about me)
Then i showed off my exemption forms for my kids (we homeschool) and got a educators card. This gets me i guess 20% off any school related books.....but since this week is Teachers appreciation week it is off of anything i purchase!!! yay for mee!!!!!
I picked up this book....Denyse Schmidt Quilts . Does it get any better than that? Discount, plus the gift card?! Check it out---it has some great different ideas, that are not all the you know what i mean? It's all about me!!!
Of course i did get a few school related items for my kids :)

I went a little thrift shopping today too....must have been in a spending mood. who knows.
I got some eyes!! ya, some know the round things that are pre-made for softies!! i got big ones, little ones, and even some cat eyes. all in their package.... they are all staring at me wanting out into the big world to take a look! I also got a cute pillow case for a dress, and a long skinny x-stitch sampler pattern. i have seen some use these on pin cushions and such. i'll have to try it out sometime.I also picked up 12 trays. these babies are pink and blue floral fiber-glass 1970's big trays. They are nice though and will come in handy when we have lots of guests., beads to dump, picnics to carry outside.....just lovely--hmmmmm
sorry no pics....wait until they are made up into something cute i guess.....i am just being lazy today. I can be, it's all about me!!

So the day is good---then at 5:55 my mother calls and asks "where are you?" i say oh, crap--- i forgot!! I am saying this while licking my fingers (more strawberry jam---oh come on the packets were $1 at walmart!!!) and heating the oven for a white bundt cake for strawberry shortcake later on. Grandma Birthday dinner with all the girls in the family at Chilis. So me and the 2 daughters leave the jam---still needed to be processed, leave the cake ---already mixed, but not in oven yet...tell the dear honey to cook the cake and find some leftovers, and jump in the car and head out...good thing no traffic ,miracle---i say so, and we get to have dinner with the girl side of the family!! fun---late, but fun....
Upon returning home i found everything good--i know some of you were worried!

Then checking out my big long list of blogs i like tonight i find this: It's all about me!!!

Check it out. Calico Daisy did a blurb on my tutorial that i entered in Sew, mama, sew contest. I unfortunately didn't win (maybe another time) but i got a lot of good comments and responses off of it. But i digress....check her out. It's all about me!!!

Then Vintage Fern did a blurb on me on her blog too!!! We did a trade---me pocket people, her all that stuff i got and showed off earlier, bags, shirts, tea-towels...ect. Great stuff....anyways (again) She has a some wonderful pics of the house she made and the furniture. I saw a few of the things when i went to trade, but now it is all finished. It's all about me!!!

So how about that!!! What a great end to a sort of great day.....

Fun Stuff....if i do say so myself. It's nice to be noticed and then recognized. we should all take a little time and notice someone else today....oh it's almost over, how about tomorrow?

Is it all about you?!!!


Plushie explosion and binding party

Today i finished up the quilt---quilting it. This is the Buggy Barn Crazy Churndash pattern. Love it. I had always wanted to do one. Me and a few other gals got together and did them at a quilt retreat one weekend. It was loads of fun. We each brought prizes and put them all in a pile. Then during the evening we drew names and such and we got to go pick stuff out. We each ended up with like 3-4 things. It was a lot of fun. So here is my finished top and will go presently to the "binding" pile.
Yesterday i had soooo much fun. Let me tell you.....I made plushes, stuffies, whatever you may call them with my kids. I made them each draw a picture of what kind of plush they would like. Then we took the pictures, made copies, picked fabrics, fur (felted sweaters i picked up this weekend at garage sales) and sewed away!!!
Here is pictures of the finished product and thier origional drawings:
This is the oldest daughters. She had drawn a unicorn first, but after the giraffe guy (that will be seen later) I said no way. So we looked around and found a picture similar to her and this is what she ended up as.
This is 7 year old boy. He loves teadies.. Notice the picture has overalls, but he said it was getting warmer and he wanted him to have shorts and a short sleeve shirt. So there ya go.
This is 6 year old boys. He has such a different look on life. He first drew the bear with a fox on his shirt, but decided he wanted a Giraffe. Go figure. This guy was tricky, i sure did learn a lot. His head doesn't stand up by itself, not sure on that one. Check out that argyl wool sweater. perfect for the giraffe, but a little itchy for my sensitive guy.
This is 4year old daughter. She is a pinky girl!!! boy does she love it! I don't know if you can see her drawing, but check out those eyes! She was sooo pink i thought the skirt might help. Oh, she needed fingers too and i had to keep sewing her mouth becuase she kept saying, go up, now longer.... she knew exactly what she wanted.
If any of you have ever wanted to get better at making plushies this would be the way!! yikes. i sure did learn a lot....How do i make a sleeve? How do we make shorts, shirt...on the body with out making them clothes, fingers, and how do we make a belly for the animals with 4 legs? All of these were answered and learned. There should be a book on how to construct plushies with all these and more tricks, and doings in it.
I got some stuff in the mail again!! i love that! Here is my plush swap. Aren't they cute?! She decided to send me her first and second attempt. They are so funny. She also sent along some snack bags. They are lined cotton bags with velcro all the way across the top so nothing falls out. Plus there were 2 napkins!! How nice is she? Love them all!! thanks
I will be sending (post) an invitation for a binding party. I thought that i might give you a head start on things. Next week...starting monday we will have a week long party. Anyone with a quilt to bind may participate. Each time you finish a quilt (get it bound) you leave a comment and your name will be put into a pile for a drawing. then at the end --the next monday--- a name will be drawn. I need to gather up a few things for the prizes. Maybe i'll have a few different ones. I haven't decided yet. So the more you get bound, the more chances you have for winning. How does that sound?! I will send the invite out on Sunday i think with everything spelled out for us.
Party on....

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Weekend Workings

On friday i got a package in the mail!!! It was my box from the Kitchen Swap. Take a look at all the stuff. I love it.

i got some new wooden spoons. Now i tell you---who doesn't need some of these after 12 years of marraige? That goes for the crocheted hot pads. you know, my grandma made me some a long time and i love them....again, time for some new ones. The brown one has teal on the back, very cute. There is one tea towel and a little larger one that is on my table with the little basket on top. Some chocolate cookies (yum,yum...already gone- i shared :) There is a tile hot pad thingie with some birds on it. I really like that. The cute apron with the seed packets on it and a nice big pocket. Fits perfect. My favorite was the little botteling jar--you can't see it very well. It has 3 fake eggs in it-speckled- with some rafia at the bottom. Then it is cealed with some cute ribbon tied at the top. I put this in my display transom. LOVE IT!!

I just love a good swap don't you?!

Here is my sneak peek of my plush swap. I think she turned out pretty cute.

After the swap is recieved i'll put in a big picture of her.
I finished quilting this on Friday. It is another one of those quilts that has been around for.....3-4 years??.... yikes! I finally put the borders on and got the quilting done. You can sort of see, i did a meander of Snowflakes.

I have one other quilt on the machine right now, i think i'll finish it tonight and post later. After this one i have 3 more that need to be quilted. I think i will finish quilting everything, then go back and do the bindings.
Anyone up to having a "binding" party in 2 weeks? I will post again with what all we will do. Maybe i'll make a prize or something. i need to get thinking on that.
For those of you who will play,
Get your .....piles ......going!!!

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I went over to Vintage Ferns home on Wednesday for some little swapping. She ordered a large amount of Pocket People (the picture has extras--she didn't get them all---oh take a look at that mermaid! love the shell top...hee.hee) for her daughters birthday....she is making them a little house, furniture, and the cutest little mattresses. I got to see some of it and it will be cute when it is all put together. Well, so that meant i got to go her living room! She had all of her stuff laid out for me to look at.
This is what i got. The little shirts are for my girls...they have birds on them CUTE. the green one is for me (i am wearing it today) 2 tea towels for my kitchen, a cute pink and brown pillow (it is already been stuffed and put on my couch), a black sweatshirt for my boy with a one eyed monster on funny, 4 elastic scrunchy hair things with danglies--Jerika is wearing one today and loves it, and a little pink purse that Eliza has taken and wouldn't release it to get a picture.
Then get this--- i got bonusus!! She had 2 of these 1972 books and gave one to me. It has some very interesting things in it. There was however some great applique patterns--butterflys, flowers, and stems. I might use it for something. Then she had a little length of lace (skirts for my pocket girls) and some doilies. I can't believe. How nice is that?! Check out her blog and her Etsy store for more stuff. She does have some cute things. I love the shirts and the little purses. They are my favorites.
I am working on my plush swap....i am not going to show it until i know they have gotten it, so they can't peek. I was going to give a little bit of it, but my camara has decided not to work on dead as soon as they are charged...


Ending Bum Crack One Pant At A Time

This tutorial is to help those who unintentionally show off their bums. You will be shown how to insert an elastic band inside the waist band of jeans/pants to close that space down!

You need:

1 pair of pants that just don't fit, show off your bums, or are sticking 2" off of your back.
*If there are any labels sewn to the waist that would block the elastic i just snip the stitching and take those off.

1" elastic band 16" long (you will be cutting this to size later)


You will be making slits on EACH SIDE of the waist for the elastic.

Holding the waist with both hands at the sides, pull apart the band. Snip the inside of the waist ---DON'T cut through to the other side!!! ONLY cut the inside. Make a VERTICLE cut 1 1/4" long.

Repeat this for the left and right sides of the waist.

Measure the area between the cut slits. Then subtract 2" from that number. CUT the elastic to this measurement.

You have a choice to make----do you want to put a button on so it will adjust or no button?

If you are doing a button continue on. If you are not skip this step.

Adjustable elastic with button:

Make button holes at ONE end of the elastic. I do 2 or 3. After stitching them snip the inside so the button can go through it.

Sew a button to 1" past the slit on ONE side. Make sure this is larger than the button holes as the elastic stretches just a bit.

Fold over the edge with button holes and put a large safety pin through it. Thread this through the slit on the opposite side of the button. STOP when the end is just poking out of the slit.

Use a zigzag stitch and stitch this down. Go over it at least twice to make sure it won't ever move. Use a darker thread or coordinating one. You may also pull the elastic inside and stitch it down so it is invisible.

Keep feeding the elastic until it comes out the other side. Give it a good pull. Remove the safety pin, making sure you don't let the elastic jump back into the hole. Button the elastic to the pants.

*If you didn't make the elastic adjustable with the button holes then you need to sew it in place. You might want the wearer try it on to determine the best location. You can leave the elastic a little long and snip the stitches to adjust it later if needed.

This is what they should look like when the elastic is evenly stretched out. If you would like to keep the elastic from twisting you can sew a line down the center in the back.

This is my tutorial for the Sew mama sew Tutorial contest...go take a look at the rest. there are some great ones!!


Progress on the Unfinished

I thought i just would show off a few things that i have gotten done this week.

1st-- my brother and sister-in-law dropped by on monday with their 2 kids. The younger being 5 weeks old.

This is a rarity!!! TAKE A LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!! as if you couldn't--- And it is truly that strawberry blonde too. WOW..there are really no words, i have bald babies.

So she is pumping occationaly and showed up with a walmart bag with all her "Stuff" in it. i just knew that wouldn't do, so we sat and made her a bag.

I used a little tiny quilt top (just blocks really) that never got big enough and was just all wrong. It was perfect for this bag! i used batting inside to give it some sturdiness. I lined it with yellow. It turned out sooo cute. plus these really do make up quick.
2nd I quilted the learning quilt. Don't have a name yet---or a reciever. I did a meandor over the whole thing so it isn't boy or girl.

3rd-- I quilted this row quilt. It was a project last year in one of the quilt groups. a monthly row pattern. I changed a few of the rows, and really did my own thing. I think it turned out allright. Again- no name or reciever.

4th-- This baby has been around for 3-4 years. i really don't remember. It was a trade with my mother's side of the family one year. Each of us did a block, then traded. Mine is the sunflower and lady bug. I did 2 so my grandma would get one also. I of course had hers quilted and done 2 weeks after it was traded, but mine....yea. So yay for me!!! i am not sure where it will go.
5th nothing i did, I just had to show this off!! i got my second picture today from Lisa Hurwitz . I got the apron girls and then decided i just had to have the fieldtrip. She is a fantastic artist. lover her stuff. This is the family painting on the bottom. I just love it!! It matches our family perfectly. mom, dad, 2 girls, 2 boys. It is now hanging inbetween my kitchen and living room.
See the family?! It's us!!!!


I got a little side-tracked yesterday. No sewing went on here.
The problem: There was no way i was passing up $1.40 a pack of strawberries, so i made some jam!! I love how pretty bottled jars look after they are done. All the fruit looks darker and fresher...maybe it's all the sugar?!
I know, I know there is a little foam at the top....i just get that gone when i open them.

There was one bottle that didn't seal. Of course that is to the benifit of the family---it goes into the eat now pile instead of eat later. yum,yum....

I made something out of my Japanese Book!! There is a small pucker in one corner. But overall i think it turned out good. Great practice anyway.

Take a look at my covered button magnets---- They are soooo cute!!! i might have to get a few of these little gadgets and do this at a sewing party. They work up quick and are so cute. Love them!! I am so glad i won them...i would have never known.

I made this up today---- the blocks are from the count and learn or something like that Moda line. I had gotten one charm pack at a quilt meeting and went and bought another. I still have some squares left....i didn't use the flower blocks. I put them in a 4 patch and then bordered it in white. Then a 4" green border. I think i love the green!!! This works up very quick---the squares are already cut for you... gotta love that.
I think it ends up to be around 46 square. Now i just need to get the thing quilted.
I am thinking that next week i don't have any meetings, girl scouts, or any other function going on so I might, I just might go through the unfinished pile. Maybe i'll choose a few to get working on and finish them up. I'll get one loaded on the big machine and get it the hard part----not doing it, but choosing what to do.
Who wants to get finished?! Who, who, who,who........

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Saturday Adventures

I went to a few garage sales today and had to show off my findings!!

I got a wool (american outfitter) sweater---this will get shrunk,felted, and then made into a softie :)

The Olive and what is his name?! oh BRUNO towel. Not sure what to do. i thought a bag---but that is VERY any ideas?! ---I should just frame it and hang it somewhere...don't you feel like that sometimes ;)

6 Little doilies in a antique greeney color. maybe pincushions or on a pillow.
2 Japanese handkercheifs--- i know, i know...i don't know what has gotten into me!

Some Brad embelishments--bugs, dragon flies.... cute

You don't see it very well, but a packaged set or white cotton towels. They are pre-printed with a house and a little saying on them. It comes with the thread and instructions. They were really cute + new!! bonus...

I just have to show off what i had gotten last week and didn't share! I found some more old sewing spools. The larger one in the basket i got last summer....yes, garage sale....the little ones are the ones i picked up last week. they fist nicely in my metal basket with the larger one.

This is what i got in the mail yesterday!!

I had done a Spring block trade at the Mary Jane's Farm There are some cute ones. Mine is the redwork block on the right ....this looks a little fuzzy doesn't it?!
This one below i think is my all time favorite!! Look how big those yo-yo's are!! The block itself is 8 1/2. I just might have to make a little quilt with all huge yo-yo flower blocks. LOVE IT!!!
Well--off to shrink a sweater and do a few chores so i can sew in a little...


Oh what a lovely morning, oh what a beautiful day

Today was such a lovely day. After getting a few things done in the house and with the kids it was off to the craft show for me! A good friend and i took off---left the kids home with the dads-- and went to the barn craft show up in Kaysville. What a good time we had! There were lots of things to look at and buy. I really controlled myself there...good for me. Aren't you proud?!

I was a little dissapointed in the stuff though...there wasn't as much as i had dreamed it up to have. I was invisioning a huge onslaught and overcrowding of "stuff". We did hit it early and withouth a whole bunch of people there. We could go where we wanted and stare longer at the things we liked. That was a big bonus---oh + no kids!!

This is what i picked up. A little pillow hanging on a wire branch--39 cents!!! and then a Springtime stitch pattern. Each letter of the alphabet is with something-- A then an apple, B with a butterfly, ect....very cute. I already have it copied over onto muslin spelling SPRING for my door hanger, but alas---i must finish the pocket people first!!! I have most of them done....i need to finish up the princesses.

After the craft barn show we headed to another shop to find a birthday present...they were having a clearing out the old stuff sort of sale. The wreath was 2 bucks!! + the metal flower was 1 Buck---can you believe the luck?! So cute together. I was worried about that lonely hook on the front door. I had a winter berry wreath on it and since it has been down....nothing. I think this is good for the Spring and Summer (i really hate having to many seasonal things) oh...i would rather have quilts!! heehee.

I got in the mail today my winning button cover magnet set!! i am sooo excited. maybe tomorrow i will try them out. Lucky me!!

Last night was a wonderful trunk show--- you wouldn't believe how many small quilts she had! She said that she figured out the the smaller they were, the more likely they were to be finished! smart lady--- Her stuff was fun to see....i love looking at others doings. I usually sit back and say "that's not for me" when i see the difficult ones though. Good thing there are others out there who say "that's for me" and then shows it off to us.

Help wanted: i am doing a plush,softie,stuffed something trade. The person i am swapping with has a 4 year old daughter. She likes flamingos, peacocks, birds, or really whatever she said. Is there anyone out there that has any links they would like to share with me?! good ideas, cute something that might work for this trade?! I have been thinking, and thinking, and...... I usually come up with something, but i haven't been struck with that perfect thing yet. So help me if you can-----thanks


Lookie what i got--

I got my 1st Japanese book in the mail today!! LOVE IT--- it has such cute things in there, with great pictures and diagrams. the language of sewing is universal----yay for all of us!

Check it out-
There are so many ideas....not sure where to start!
Here is an apron i put together for a bride's party. The theme was kitchen and we all sign it or put some smart-alec remark on it. It is a lot of fun. I used a lace table runner (cut in half) for the pocket. I left it a big one.
Well---not much to Girl Scout Meeting and then running out of there as quick as i can to my quilt meeting!!! They are having a trunk show....i am getting my "oooooohhhssss, and aaaahhhhhhsssss" ready.....

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Pixie Pattern Partner Help --update

I have to say that at first I thought i had it alllllll together. Who was I kidding?!

The pattern isn't ready. I worked on it yesterday, and i have a dress problem. SOOOO that means that she isn't ready to go out to the big world yet. I have a lot on my plate this i will update again when she is ready and in her pdf for and all. Then i will know that when i say , she is ready, she is realllllly ready!! thanks for your help.


Tag- I'm IT

I got tagged. This is the first ever! This is a little wierd. Not really sure what to say. Here goes nothing! 7 things randomly about myself.

1) i was born in New Jersey--should i admit to that openly?! never have been back after my 9 month stay.

2) I am an AIR FORCE brat---my favorite place was Madrid, Spain for 6 years.

3) I play indoor soccer and love it. wish me luck tomorrow night.

4) I have night blindness and seriously cannot see anything in the dark---i look like a blind drunk when i do adventure out in it.

5) I come up with more ideas to do than i can brain is always ticking...tick,tick,tick

6) I am the black sheep of my family. everyones name starts with an A and mine is R.

7) I am not very patient. i act like a two year old sometimes, and like to do things "Myself"

there you have it. now for the good part. Passing it on.

Here is who i am tagging: these 3 must name 7 random things about themselves, and then pass it on to 3 others.

Julie ---- i got here started in this big blog world, i must share the wealth of tags too.

Vintage Fern --- very cool gal, lots of talent--plus we are doing a trade. yay for me, i get some stuff!

Bunnyn---who agreed to help with patterns and i send this on over! thanks

Pattern Update: I am getting it transfered into PDF file and will hopefully be sending them out today. Good luck to you all. thanks again for the help.


I'M A WINNER!! yay for me....

Look what i won:

Fabric Covered Magnets kit GIVEAWAY!
turn your fabric covered buttons into magnets. This giveaway is a kit so you can make your own! It includes the button kit, fabric scraps, and magnets!

Can you believe it? I really can't either. how lucky am i today?! I am so excited to get it and try it out. I am all for a new project. i will definitely post when it is completed.

The pixie girl has gotten to me, i don't think it is her fault though. i have of course made another one, and have two more in the works.....can you blame me? Here is the newest member of the family.

I took pictures all along the way of construction and I am seriously thinking of making her into a pattern. But I need a little help.....who better to ask then the blog world of craft knowers!
I need some pattern critiques. I would like 3 or 4 people to try out the pattern and give me some feedback.
So the first 3 or 4 who post a comment and mention that they would be a pixie pattern partner (how's that for a tongue twister,,,,,say it fast three times), I will email you the pdf file this weekend.
I do need one thing in return: I need a commitment from you that you will email/contact me after you have finished and let me know what you think, likes, dislikes...etc.
I think it is always easy to do your own (make things from your own pattern or memory), but it is another to write one up for another to follow.
Remember--these girls are around 6" tall, so the turning of the legs, and arms are a little small----speaking from me, miss slightly chubby fingers. Can you pass the nimble test?
So who is up for it?! Who needs a little homework for the weekend?


Pixie Girl Ready for her trade

I finished yesterday a Pixie girl. (that is what she is called by me). The one on the right is my 1st one. I think she turned out great!!! Especially for being only 6" tall...yikes. I signed up for this trade--- mini dolls or bears. Here is the link i use for Swaps: there are some fun ones. I like doing swaps every once in awhile. they get me out of my comfort zone, and let me experiment with things i wouldn't choose to do on my own.

I initially started out trying out a bear...but boy those legs and arms wouldn't turn!! needless to say they will never be plan B. Let's try a doll!

I have seen a few style wise like this one on the Etsy site and drew one up at 6". I love her hair and her pigtails. These take awhile to make....i don't think they will ever be sold.

After i finished the 1st one...i thought, she is too cute and i need one for myself!! so of course i made one for me. Plus, I need the pattern---right?!

So here they are:

Please excue her- she is such a child!! she is always lifting up her skirt! I guess she wanted to how off her heart. she has sooo much love. :)
I had to do a close-up for her face! I put a little bit of Rouge on her cheeks to give her some color.
So they will be together until the end of the month, when the little sister goes off to her new home.
Until on!

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Vintage Kitchen Swap

I finished collecting and making the items for the Vintage Kitchen Swap. This one has been kind of fun. I made the apron, the book cover---sew easy and turned out sooo cute too---i embroidered a little strawberry on the front, the strawberries, and the mini feedsack keeper. I threw in the cookie cookbook, the little strawberry jar, the salt water taffy, and the soap with an apron from an earlier trade.

Is that allowed? Can i re-gift a trade?! I have 14 other aprons and this one went right along and i couldn't resist. I really like this one....they were all cute look at an earlier post about that. I only have 3 bathrooms though...I bought a new jar of soap for it to be wrapped on. Funny.

I can't wait to get mine in the mail. Let me tell you though that the mailing was kind of expensive. It was over $8.00 to send that thing! Can't believe. when did that happen?! It really wasn't even very heavy.

I finished up all the other mini feedsack bags. I do have to say they are soooo cute. they are all in my etsy shop.....i might have to "buy" one for myself though. Keep some for give-aways or something later too.

This week i have two goals. I am going to go ahead and share them with you:

1st) get on Girl Scout Day Camp!!!!! i am the leader this year ----i signed up 2 days before training ,,,,waiting, waiting for someone else...alas--it is me! I need to get all the helpers signed up and figure out their paymen. We are doing a circus we'll have a magician, animal balloon clown, juggler, puppets, and then on the last day we are going to have a sort of carnival. There will be booths for fishing, face painting,popcorn, cotton candy...etc. FUN HUH?! So i need to get a little bit going and figured out.

2nd) Get on the excercise thing. i started the year off good, had a little competition, and then that fell here we are-----in APRIL!!. So this is what i am planning. This is the year of my AGE!!! (last year it was the year of ME---i really to need talk about that, it was a good one). So ok, the year of my how it goes:

How old are you? I am 35------so i will be doing 35 crunches, 35 reverse crunches, 35 lunges, 35 reverese lunges (i had spelled out lunches first---good one) and 35 min. of excercise for 5 days out of the week. Quit your fussing! really is that bad?! I am printing out a little paper to keep track. (i do much better with it that way--the guilt keeps me going!)

If you are an over acheiver you could of course add more age related items....35 sit ups, 35 squats....etc I am trying to keep it simple for me. Simple is better!! The number thing is a given----who can forget that (who wants too?! ;) and then i have 5 things to do, 5 times a week. Make sense? ( no---if you are 40 you cannot do 0 things, 0 times a week!!!! this is a stable number)

If there is anyone out there that would like to jump in with me you may. let me know.....maybe i'll have a special section on here for us aged year girls or something.

Anyone?! Bueller? Bueller?


Fresh off the sewing machine!

So today while sitting around listening to the radio I got some projects done. Of course these projects would be new ones. They for sure wouldn't be ones that need to get done....ohhhhh no.
so anyways. here are a few picks.

These first two are of my Picnic Pac's. They are sold at my Etsy store. They come with a picnic blanket and 4 little napkins. They are the cutest little sets. I went to the fabric store to see if they carried any Japanese type fabric. This is really the closest i could find. They are cute though, those apple pickin girlie bears with bows!

Then there is the faded blue background squirrel fabric picnic pac. That one it too cute also.....all those little squirrels picking acorns and climbing trees.

Then we have the Hog Wash bag. This fabric has some great prints, all of them are reprints of feed sack bags. i chopped them up individually and put some cute backing that i had dyed to make it look vintagy. They are lined with the same fabric and then a red button with a loop to grab it was added. They look like mini feed sacks...too funny.

This one was bought like 5 minutes after i got it listed!!! congrats to me...but boy i was really irritated for a couple of minutes! couldn't figure it out...where did it go? What had happened to it? I thought for sure that Etsy had lost it and i had to re-enter THE WHOLE THING~~ oh after i found it in the sold area, and caught my breath, cooled down, I was happy. yay! I already have 4 more cut out and ready to be sewn (tomorrow) and put in my shop.

I am debating wether or not to join in on a Mystery Quilt going on here: It's called the Orange Crush. Here is my delima---
1) do i really have the time? okay maybe not, but who r-e-a-l-l-y does?
2) I think that is it. it's a time thing.
Because I LOVE her scrappy quilts. They are all so great, and fun! Plus just think of all the pieces of fabric i will be using up. I do need to rotate my fabric----see earlier blog about that one----

maybe tomorrow i will evaluate it again and decide then. i need to sleep on it a little longer. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.