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Tag- I'm IT

I got tagged. This is the first ever! This is a little wierd. Not really sure what to say. Here goes nothing! 7 things randomly about myself.

1) i was born in New Jersey--should i admit to that openly?! never have been back after my 9 month stay.

2) I am an AIR FORCE brat---my favorite place was Madrid, Spain for 6 years.

3) I play indoor soccer and love it. wish me luck tomorrow night.

4) I have night blindness and seriously cannot see anything in the dark---i look like a blind drunk when i do adventure out in it.

5) I come up with more ideas to do than i can brain is always ticking...tick,tick,tick

6) I am the black sheep of my family. everyones name starts with an A and mine is R.

7) I am not very patient. i act like a two year old sometimes, and like to do things "Myself"

there you have it. now for the good part. Passing it on.

Here is who i am tagging: these 3 must name 7 random things about themselves, and then pass it on to 3 others.

Julie ---- i got here started in this big blog world, i must share the wealth of tags too.

Vintage Fern --- very cool gal, lots of talent--plus we are doing a trade. yay for me, i get some stuff!

Bunnyn---who agreed to help with patterns and i send this on over! thanks

Pattern Update: I am getting it transfered into PDF file and will hopefully be sending them out today. Good luck to you all. thanks again for the help.


Blogger Julie said...

I played tag--check it out. Now, I need to play tag to someone else--how? Just type their blog address and away we go? I'll give it a whirl when I have a minute. Have a good MONDAY.. Julie

14/4/08 9:40 AM  

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