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Easter Sunshine

Wow--- the weather is great! finally. We have really had a heavy winter this year, and it was starting to take it's toll. Everyone was going stir crazy in the house. Today, they were able to get their chalk out and have some fun outside.

I don't know if you can really see it so i will explain: oldest daughter has drawn a mermaid with a horse, and check out that fancy border aroun it all!

Littlest daughter is making suns, Middle brother is drawing a ship. He later drew two dudes sword fighting.

This little man has worked hard on his superman, and cyclops (x-men) dudes. The superman has heat rays coming from his eyes.

I am!

ok. back to sewing items.

i up-cycled this scarf. I have two of them...they would be identical. My oldest is modeling them for us. They will be for sale on Etsy soon. This is really kind of fun. I have a new outlook on old items now. I look at scarves now thinking---can it be a purse? oooohhhhhhh....

I did dye some more fabric and a doll body. They are currently drying out on the back porch. Poeple aren't the only ones enjoying this good weather!

I just entered in this swap. check it out, and maybe join. i love getting things in the mail. ok. who doesn't?

here is the link:

i am still collecting things for my exchange of vintage kitchen items. fun stuff!! i'll post pictures once i get those all together. things are still going through my mind as to what i want to put into the package. any ideas would be ever so helpful!

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Blogger Roxi said...

hi there & thanks for posting about the swap! please send me your email & mailing address for the swap. :)


24/3/08 10:43 PM  

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