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Quilting Princess Story Teller

Last night was soooo fun! I went to a group that gets together once a month at the store "Quilter's Haven" in Bountiful. I had told the president...sure i'll help, whatever you would like!

I had absolutely no idea what she had in mind. i was thinking to myself, ok maybe i'll teach a class, show a technique...etc. NO, of course it would be to dress up in a princess dress + the big insert under the dress, crown, wand, and sparkly glitter gel all over! Why didn't i think of that!
So off i went to help out before everyone showed up. The ladies were all given crowns from Burger King and wands with dangling ribbons. They were told there was a special guest coming to join thier group for the evening. That would be me (waiting in the wings for my cue).

I stood in the front with all the get up and read "The Quiltmakers Gift". They all waved their wands and wore their crowns and fun i think was had by all. If there are any pictures out there that might be shared with me i will post them. The dress was fluffier than my wedding one. I think that i should put on a black tie party for friends just so i can wear it again. it was quite fun. a travel back into time when in high school you wore those frilly things.

Because of the preperation of the evening and other obligations i haven't finished or worked on anything else.

I am working on my second easter dress. The one for the youngest 4dd. I am attempting a pillow case dress with pantaloons for her. i have it started, need to do a few more things. I will definitly be posting those pictures when finished. I will also add some links for the pattern. It is really fairly easy (the arms are a little tricky- but doable).

oooooooooo...... there is a fabric garage sale tomarrow. How exciting. First because it is a garage sale (almost warm enough for the season to start!! Hooooorrraahhhh) and second because it said $ a yard, many bolts, books, quilt blocks....etc in the description. It is a 2 dayer and boy i am going 15 minutes early to catch the goods first. i will of course report on my findings over the next few days.

watch out----here i come!


Blogger Amy said...

Hi this is Amy from vintage fern. What a small world it can be. it's kindof funny because I have been admiring your pocket people on etsy and thought it was kindof cool that we lived in the same city. Also, I am going to that fabric yard sale, after I read about it on here I was hoping it would be in the clipper,yeah it was! We actually live really close. I just live down the street from the bountiful post office. Anyways thanks for stopping by my blog!

21/3/08 12:48 AM  

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