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Fabric "Food" Storage

i was speaking with a good friend who lives back in Maine this morning. We were talking about fabric and stashes and all. She had met with her group the other day and they were talking about how one day it might not be easy or even possible to go to walmart and grab some clothes and that we should have some knowledge of clothes making. They said well, what about if we know how, where do we get the fabric? She says from your supply of fabric of course!

So how about that, i think that according to our type of gals that fabric is just as important as food!!!

In my group the other day i showed off the pink quilt and had said that it was made by using the scraps and leftovers. ( i have drawers of fabric, each being a group of color or whatever). so i opened up the pink/red drawer and used up some scraps. Basically a free quilt. anyways. So i had said that it becomes a little more difficult after awhile to keep using the same fabric over and over, and when do the pieces stop being in the drawer? So this quilt or scrap quilts are great becuase it uses these up.

Then it dawned on me: In the end it comes down to Rotation!!! We need to Rotate our fabric! isn't that just pure revelation right there?

Because i had used up some (i thought most, until i look in the drawer again), i think that this Fabric "food" storage will allow me to purchase a few "fresh" pinks. What do you think the hubby will say to that one? Can he really go against such good principles? I would think not!

So in the good spirit of fabric storage i might just take off and check out what new things i might be able to use for my stash..... I mean "storage".
Here is what i did yesterday. I had taken some fabric that had white backgrounds and dyed them. I used the TAN rit dye from joannes and gave these gals a dip. I think they turned out just right. I loved to use it. if i need it darker i just added more liquid dye. I have tried the tea and the coffee in the past and i like that, but really this gives you a more predictable result. you don't have to keep soaking it trying to get it darker or anything like that.
I really needed a more antiqued or civil warish prints. These had great patterns but not the right background. so who says i can't change it?
The girls that showed me how to do this said that really if you hate the piece of fabric, block, or even the Whole quilt (can you imagine?) you can simply just give it a dip in the bucket with some tan dye. I don't have any befores of the fabric. i wish i had. The after though i am happy with.
It almost is addicting. I am thinking ?what can i do next? ?would this look better if it was dyed?
I am using the fabric this evening at a quilt class and making monster sized stars. I will post some pics of those when i get a few put together.

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