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sick of sick

So....the last few days have been horrible. Can I extend that to the last few weeks? It started with a pinched back and not being able to stand up straight for 4 days. Then after feeling a little better, last Tuesday I fell flat on my back getting out of the car. For the rest of that week i felt like i had lifted 400 pounds of weights with my arms and everything hurt. Now I have the flu i think and i feel horrible. Hope this doesn't last. My days have been a little busy and i have to plan my 5 yrold son birthday party for Friday. I won't complain again, just had to get it out. I think i feel just a little better. I will be putting some photos on projects up the next couple of days. I am excited to share what i have been working on.


Blogger furrybees said...

Hang in there. You'll be better in no time (although I'm sure it will still feel like "some" time!)

9/3/08 12:39 PM  

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